Bimbo Training Session One
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Faith wants to become a perfect Bimbo but a nice looking body is not enough, she must also learn how to satisfy her Mistress and how to control orgasms through intense orgasm denial sessions.
Mistress Janine has no mercy for her slut and the training is just started...

The package includes:

- Image set: 75 Full-HD High Quality Images (1920x1080)
Comic set: 75 Full-HD High Quality Images with dialogues (1920x1080 / English)
Bonus set: 60 High Quality Images (1536x2048)


- Lesbians
- Orgasm Denial
- Strapless Dildo
- Orgasms
- Dripping Pussy 

System Requirements:

- WinZIP or other unzipping utility
Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader



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Bimbo Training Session One

SKU: 56965
By: Miki3dx

Faith wants to become a perfect Bimbo but a nice looking body is not enough...


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