Presidential Debate - Chapter 1
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Robert Steiner is a candidate to the Presidency of the United States of America. Strong and charismatic, he has everything to win the election.

But Cara O'Donnell, a 23 year old journalist, knows the dark side of the man: he's a pillar of the international women trafficking! Using Steiner's press conference, she reveals everything to the other journalists and to the whole world, ruining all of Steiner's fame.

After leaving the room, Cara smiles, thinking she did "the big job" to get famous as a journalist. But Steiner and his men have other plans for her...

-Street Abduction
-Forced Stripping
-Whipping scene
-Forced vaginal sex
-Forced Oral sex

This story is a 617 pages comics.

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Presidential Debate - Chapter 1

SKU: 56305
By: SkatingJesus

An ambitious young journalist is trapped by the men she wanted to make fall...



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