The PenTentacle
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This figure has a lot of joints so it’s often easier to chain select nodes and bend or twist them together for a realistic look. Select needed nodes in scene tab then as well the same nodes in parameters column. They will all then curl and twist in one smooth motion. The four main morphs have various sliders for specific transitions to aid with animation work. Some of these are hidden in poser as they don’t work very well. You can unhide them if you want to. The Poser shaders are in MC6 format, made in poser by me, and found in the materials tab. It is fun to mix and match the many shapes to produce new ones. No rules with mixing except some work and some just look wrong.

Programs Required:
Daz 4.9 (I didn't try it in earlier versions. But pretty standard build so might work)
PoserPro 2014 or newer (Tried it in Poser 7. Loaded fine some pose presets were broken)

Models Required:   This is a standalone figure. Nothing else needed.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserPoser 10+

The PenTentacle

SKU: 56195
By: Softlightart

An adult fantasy figure for Daz and Poser. This snakelike animal has a penis head that can morph into forms like the Gobbler, the sucker, the needle, and the Alien Tadpole. Fully posable foreskin and sliders to transition some morphs. Seven shaders include life-like skin, scales, slippery.



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