The Gimp - Male
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"Bring out the Gimp"
"Gimp's sleeping"
"Well I guess you're gonna have to wake him up"....

Wake up your Gimp with "the Gimp"!

The Gimp was constructed by taking some of "Paul" and sticking it into a tight latex outfit. Almost all of the wonderful handles and morphs that existed for Paul are intact for facial movement. Weight maps have been adjusted slightly. Face, hands, buttocks, and feet will all accept "Paul" texture maps (the gen will not).

Included poses will show a "cup" or show genitalia as seen in image.

Requires Poser 11
Most Renders are rendered in Octane. Firefly render is labeled firefly.
This is a weight mapped figure.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Tested
PoserPoser 11+

Figure Compatibility

SM FiguresOther
Other Notes

Product Requirements

Other Notes

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The Gimp - Male

SKU: 56181
By: Darkseal

"Bring out the Gimp" "Gimp's sleeping" "Well I guess you're gonna have to wake him up"....


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