Squirts - Models Of Liquid Squirting And Splatting
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Squirts contain 38 models of squirts, splats, gushers and dribbles. The high resolution models are the product of actual fluid simulations* for the ultimate in accuracy! Based on fluids spurting at different speeds, angles, volumes and viscosities, this versatile collection will transform your adult renders.

The collection is optimized for Poser, with a range materials for Poser 6 and above, and additional volumetric physically based materials for Poser 11. Materials include semen, blood, goo, water, and slime.

DAZ Studio users will be able to load the models at the click of a button from your library, but materials are NOT included.

The models are also compatible with ANY 3D modelling app that can import models in OBJ format (materials not included).

If you're sick of hand-modelled squirts that simply don't look realistic, it's time to treat yourself to SQUIRTS. Your renders have never looked so real!

*please note that whilst these models are based upon actual fluid simulations, each of them is a STATIC object, NOT an animated simulation.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
Other Programs 
PoserPoser 6+
Other Notes
(Materials not included with DAZ version. Also works with any app that can accept models in OBJ format.)

Squirts - Models Of Liquid Squirting And Splatting

SKU: 55671
By: Ace Pyx

38 models of squirts, splats, dribbles and gushers for Poser, DAZ and any 3D program that accepts models in OBJ format. Actual liquid simulations for the ultimate in realism. Includes materials for Poser.


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