Triplonia Dwellings Construction Set Poser
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Jumping down to the next branch with the rope, he landed lightly even though it was every bit of a 30 foot drop. A gleeful shout to his left came from his best friend, who had also jumped. He quickly tied the complicated knot around the gnarled limb and shimmied up the rope to where he started. Moving the tents were always a job for the young. They were lithe and fast, like little spiders running their webs. Another rope, another jump, and the dwelling was nearly done. The two boys giggled and raced up the ropes again, always making a game from their daily chores.

Dwellings Construction Kit contains:

8 Branches
1 Branch Frame
Single Door Setting
Door and Window setting
Two Windows setting
Solid Wall
3 Wall Configurations
Floor settings

2 Dwelling placement Poses

Requires Massive Tree Construction Set.

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Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserPoser 9+

Required Products

Triplonia Massive Tree Construction Set Poser

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Triplonia Dwellings Construction Set Poser

SKU: 55434
By: ErogenesisCGbytes

From the World of Sen by Erogenesis, Dwellings construction set for Daz Studio.


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Triplonia Dwellings Construction Set Bundle POSER
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