Knightwatch - Issue 1
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Based in the universe of Battlestrength's popular superhero comic book series, "Advancer" and "White Raven". "Knightwatch" is a superhero comic with an adult twist. Similar to Marvel's "Avengers" comic the story follows the super hero group called "Knightwatch" founded by "White Raven's" over protective boyfriend "Battle Guard" as they battle evil at every turn. The team consists of "White Raven", "Advancer", "Battle Guard", "Black Dragon" and "Mass Toner".
Issue 1. With "White Raven" back on Earth after her dimensional journey (See Battlestrength's White Raven comic series for more backstory) she re-joins her group "Knightwatch" to protect the city once again from Evil. Before they can celebrate her return they are interrupted by a giant Robot who threatens to destroy the city...
A 3d adult graphic comic from the artist known as Battlestrength with 113 full comic pages in a PDF form with the following adult themes: Superhero, Zero-G, Monster, Blowjob, oral, creampie, missionary, doggy style, on top, big cock, penetration, Implied impregnation, cumshot, Cum Swallowing, Open Mouth, Stripper, pole dance and much more!
Number Of Pages: 113 pages
Number of Images: 346 Images
Image Quality: High
Image Format: PDF



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Knightwatch - Issue 1

SKU: 55194
By: battlestrength

3D adult superhero action comic like Marvel's "Avengers"


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