Under The Finery
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The tenth release from Epoch Art under "The Dossier Series" branding!

BE SURE YOU HAVE THE DCV VERSION 3.0 or higher (included in the download file) OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW THIS PRODUCT!

What is “The Dossier Series“?

The Dossier Series is the label applied to image sets, which feature character and story tie-ins to the Epoch Art comics. These image sets are designed for those who are interested more in just simple porn images and less in story. These are not comics! Therefore, they will not contain all the same bonus features and expanded functionality of our DCV (Dynamic Comic Viewer) enabled comics. They will, however, still use the DCV software (bundled for free with every purchase)... and contain some of those features.

What is the Dynamic Comic Viewer?
The Epoch Art Dynamic Comic Viewer is a proprietary software application designed to revolutionize your comic viewing experience. No longer will your comics be the passive, lifeless 2D medium you've known. With the Dynamic Comic Viewer, you'll be able to experience erotic comics in a way never seen before!

Complete Features List:
  1. FREE with comic purchase (bundled in .zip)
  2. PC and Mac versions
  3. No need for installers; software just runs at the click of a button
  4. Loads your comic archive files and retains them in a library format, allowing you to quickly scroll through your purchased comics and select the one you want to view
  5. Synopsis of the comic loads with the comic, and includes a list of available images in the set (including number of alternates and first-person views)
  6. Software window has full screen option
  7. Ability to purge unwanted comics or image sets, individually or all at once
  8. Images can be sized down from their native resolution to fit on smaller screens or a smaller window
  9. Sized down images can be shifted around on an X and Y axis by simply grabbing the image with a left click and moving it
  10. Frame advance/reverse works with buttons or mouse scroll wheel
  11. Quickly advance to any page of the comic by typing in the page number box
  12. Bookmark feature to save your page
  13. Handy toolbar at the bottom of the viewer to change your view or toggle special features.
  14. Toolbar is set to lock by default, but has an auto hide feature

Under the Finery Synopsis:
While visiting the wealthy coastal city of Herzliya to attend a very high-end antiquities auction, Clara arranges a clandestine meeting with an old colleague and fellow treasure hunter by the name of Theodore “Ted” Osborne. Mr. Osborne, known simply as “Thorne” (a mash-up of his first and last name), is an experienced artifact hunter known the world over for his successes in the field. Indeed, Mr. Osborne rivals Clara in both skill and ingenuity when it comes to their craft, and the two relish outdoing each other in the acquisition of the rarest of pieces.
Clara has hired Mr. Osborne to acquire a certain piece she desperately needs in order to complete a large-scale treasure hunting endeavor. When she meets with him (and his assistant Hassan) she is delighted to discover that he has secured the piece she seeks, and it is in perfect condition. Clara offers up the agreed upon fee, but Mr. Osborne refuses. His frustration over the extreme difficulty in acquiring the piece has manifested into a desire for a more… personal… form of payment.
Like so many others, Mr. Osborne has lusted after Clara for years. He takes the opportunity to see his lust develop into something tangible and demands Clara do a striptease for him while his assistant videotapes the whole thing. Clara, resolute in acquiring the artifact, begrudgingly agrees to his lecherous demand… but with a trick up her sleeve.
This is the account of Clara’s coerced sexual rendezvous with her colleague Thorne.

Art Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Featuring Clara from the Epoch Art comic fiction of Clara Ravens.
  • 62 total images (55 standard images, 5 alternate angle image, and 2 first-person perspective images).
  • Striptease, voyeurism, blowjob, handjob, vaginal sex, anal sex, cowgirl, doggy style, double penetration, teabagging, ahegao, creampie and facial cumshot are all represented in this set.



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Under The Finery

SKU: 54917
By: Epoch

Clara travels to Herzliya to meet with an old associate and fellow treasure hunter who has recovered a priceless artifact at her behest. But the difficulty in acquiring this particular piece has him demanding a more... personal... form of payment.


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