Dreadworks 4 Core Pack DAZ STUDIO VERSION
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Dreadworks 4 Core Package for Daz Studio

Vendor/Creator: Davo or Davorama
Daz Studio Optimization: Freeone

Need Help?  davorama@comcast.net



Copyright (c) 2015 davo. All rights reserved. Not intended for
Thank you for purchasing the "Dreadworks 4 Core" DAZ STUDIO 4.8+ Package from Davo
Dreadworks 4 is the latest installment of the popular Dreadworks model theme from Davo.  This core set features an industrial, circular/silo style experimental room, corridor section and several add-on room features such as ceiling and wall mounted ventilation fans, elevated platform, industrial sized tanks, an intricate experimental stage platform with add-on machinery and of course, a new restraint table with diabolical Dreadworks Tools for tormenting your favorite characters. This is the DazStudio 4.8+ compatible version.
System Requirements:

- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Daz Studio 4.8+  
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png .jpg and .duf format.
- Genesis 3 female is required for utilizing the poses for the Gen 3 figure.
- V4.2 figure is required for utilizing the V4 poses that are provided

To install, open the zip file and extract the contents (make sure "use folders" option is checked to
the location of your Daz Studio content files.)

For example: ..\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

You may also install to a different location of your choice if you wish to use an external runtime location.


The figures and prop files will be extracted to the My Library Props library:

Davo / Dreadworks 4 /  This folder contains the following sub folders:
    Confinement Tank: (confinement tank, tank assembly, restraint, computer and tank connection  machinery)
    Environment: (room, corridor features, add-on room features)
    Stage: (experimental stage and add on railing and ramp)
    Tables: This library contains subfolders as follows
    Table 1: (articulated Table 1, table 1 tools and pre-parented combos of Table 1 plus tools 1-3)
    Cuffs: (contains smart prop cuffs for V4/M4, G3 Female and G3 Male)
    Stage Props: (These are add-on machinery panels for the stage figure, these are not smart props)

The Pose files will be extracted to the Runtime Pose library:

Davo / Dreadworks 4 /  This folder contains the following sub folders:
    Confinement Tank: (poses for V4 and Gen3 Female and matching poses for the restraint)
    Table Poses: (poses for V4 and Gen3 Female and matching poses for table 1)
Figure Library Features:
Environment Library:

- Camera: This is an articulate wall mounted camera. The base can be sunk into a wall or panel. Camera armature is posable.

- Corridor Section: This is a corridor section with movable walls and ceiling.  The walls and ceiling can be  moved out of view for better camera shots.  You can add as many sections as you want and stack them end to end to create a long corridor.  The corridor section can also be moved up to the outter door connection on the room.  It also comes in a shadow casting and non-shadow casting version (NOSHAD).  The NOSHAD room allows light to pass through the walls and ceiling, which is easier for users who are  not lighting experts.

- Corridor Door:  This door can be added to end of the corridor section that does not have a column.  Doors are posable.  It also comes in a shadow casting and non-shadow casting version (NOSHAD).  The NOSHAD room allows light to pass through the walls and ceiling, which is easier for users who are not lighting experts.

- Fan Unit 1:  This is a large, wall mounted fan unit. The fan blades can spin.  The center of rotation of the whole unit is the center of the room figure.

- Fan Unit 2:  This is a large, ceiling mounted fan unit.  It will enter the scene at the ceiling level of the room.

- Floor Pad:  This is a large, circular pad that fits in the center of the room.  You can use this as an anchor for your small scene if you wish to do renders without a room or environment.

- Floor Pad Hood:  This is a hood that fits over the floor pad.  The shield has a morph to raise or lower the glass enclosure and a morph to flatten the roof.  You can use this as a large confinement tank or isolation room/cell.

- Lamp 1: This is an industrial lighting figure with articulated 16 lamp heads.  The lamps are symmetrical mirroring so you can pose the right or left side and mirror it to the other side.  The vertical beams have length morphs if you want to go high with the lighting.  This a good lamp figure to light up the provided stage figure.

- Lamp 2: This is an industrial/surgical style lamp with articulated armatures. The handle control box at the base can be moved to any position and the handles are posable.  There are length morphs on the arms and the lamp heads rotate around.  This figure is scaled down to around 67 percent of original size, if you want this figure to be large enough fit over the stage figure, use the scale dial on the "body" part to scale it up globally.
The lamp bulbs have ambient light properties so they will glow in a dark scene.

- Platform 1:This is a raised platform with an elevating platform in the center.  The figure rotated around the center of the room (0,0,0) so you can place it on any wall.  You could use this for observation, putting equipment on, etc.  The floor if the platform has a "grated" look by using transparancy maps.

- Room:  This is the central Dreadworks room figure.  It comes in a shadow casting and non-shadow casting version (NOSHAD).  The NOSHAD room allows light to pass through the walls and ceiling, which is easier for users who are not lighting experts.  Each of the 4 walls can be hidden from view as well as the ceiling.  There is a morph for the "seams" or columns that will move each one out of the way if you need a better camera shot. The door is a 2 part door, the center door segment can be raised by itself, the outer door segment will raise the center segment automatically.  
The room is only intended to be rendered from the inside, some of the fan units and the door segments will show from the outside of the room. There is a small amount of wall surface outside the door entrance that will hide the door if rendered from the outside and used in conjunction with the corridor section

- Tank Set 1: This is an add-on tank set that fits to the shape of the walls in the room.  There is movable ladders on each side and the tanks can be re-positioned. The tank valves are posable and can be re-positioned as well.  There is a hidden material zone for labels on the tanks, if you want to add a label to them, you can alter the texture maps and adjust the material zone in poser.
Confinement Tank Library:

-Confinement Tank:  This is a stand alone tank.  The shield/glass wall can move up and down and also has a morph that will change its depth.  There is a fluid feature if you want to fill the tank with fluid. The fluid can be moved out of view and has a depth morph.  The ceiling has an ambient lit light panel that will
glow in a dark scene.  There is also a pre-parented assembly that has the tank and restraints already combined.

- Con Tank Assembly: This is a combination of the tank and restraints pre-parented. Pose files for the restraints are available in the pose library.

- Con Tank Computer: This is a posable/re-positionable computer that you can place near the tank or on the connection machinery.  Shaft has length morphs.

- Con Tank Restraints: This figure can be placed at the top or bottom of the tank.  It has 4 posable hose style armatures with eayspose bending technology built in. The hoses are symmetrical mirroring so you can pose the right or left side and mirror to the other.  Please note that easypose bending is not able to be mirrored.  There are 4 hose connection ports on the restraint that can be re-positioned and can be mirrored.  Pose files for the restraints are available in the pose library for V4 and Gen3 Female.  You must use the smart prop Dreadworks 4 cuffs from the props library on your characters in conjunction with the restraint and poses. .  If you want to move your restraints and character around, you must parent your figure to the restraint base after posing.  

Confine Tank Cons 1-3: There are three add-on machinery figures that connect to the confinement tank.  Some of these have morph adjustments and posable parts.  The center of rotation is the center of the confinement tank, so choose the body part that fits to the glass edge of the tank to rotate the figure around.  You can parent the Cons to the tank figure if you want to move everything around at one time.


EASYPOSE is an advanced posing system that allows the user to bend and twist several segments of a figure at the same time.  Many elements in this package have easypose bending technology built in such as hoses and tubing.  There are some limitations to easypose such as you cannot symmetrically mirror easypose bending from one half of the figure to another.  Only segments that are manipulated with the standard xyz rotations can be mirrored.  

Tables Library:

Table 1: Table 1 is a fully articulated restraint table with arm and leg restraints plus a built in tool armature.  There are pose files for V4 and Gen3 Female in the pose library.
You must use the smart prop cuffs in conjunction with posing for this figure.  The lAslide, rAslide, lLslide, rLslide, rAcuff, lAcuff, rLcuff, lLcuff, Acon2, Acon4 and Acon6 all have an length morph to adjust the lengths of the rails/pistions.  Move these body parts Front-Back then adjust the morphs to extend or shorten them.  The rLcuffH, lLcuffH, rAcuffH and lAcuffH body parts have a width and side-side morph for fine tuning adjustments to fit into the smart prop cuffs on your characters.  This figure is symmetrical mirroring for easy posing, however, the Side Side morph on the rLcuffH, lLcuffH, rAcuffH and lAcuffH parts are not symmetrical mirroring, you must manually adjust the right or left side after mirroring to switch the morph value from positive to negative or visa versa after symmetrical posing.  If you want to move your table around after posing your character, you should parent your character to the seat.
There are pre-parented "combo" figures in this library that have the different Table 1 tool tips already parented to the tool head.  The table is height adjustable as well.

Tool 1: This is a dildo tool tip with morphs (two dildos come pre-parented in combo 1)
Tool 2: This is a nasty drill bit that spins  (pre-parented combo is provided)
Tool 3: This is a chain saw like tool tip  (pre-parented combo is provided)

Pre-parented tool combos are provided in this library.

Stage Library:

Stage Base: The stage base is a cool elevated platform with a grated floor that reveals some complex piping underneath it.  There is an adjustable height fluid level beneath the grate as well.  The panels on the sides of the stage can drop down out of site and you can place one of the different panel props from the props library into the sides of the stage.  The props are not smart props, they will insert into your scene, you can rotate it to desired position (center of rotation is the center of the stage or 0,0,0), then parent it to to the stage.  There are three different panel props to choose from.

Stage Railing: This is an eight sided railing system that fits on top of the stage.  You can move each railing section out of view if you want.  There is a null base figure in the center 8 railings that hold them all together.

Stage Ramp:  Simple floor to stage ramp.

Stage Assembly:  This is a pre-parented stage assembly with railing ,ramp and stage panels already pre-parented.

You could pose the Table 1 figure, parent your character to it and then move the table 1 figure up off the floor and onto the stage for a cool scene.

Props Libraries:

Cuffs Library:

There are two subfolders for the cuffs:
V4_M4: These are for V4 and M4 figures.
Genesis: These are the Gen3 Female and Male smart prop cuffs.
These libraries contain smart prop cuffs to use in conjunction with the Dreadworks 4 package.  These smart props will automatically position and parent to your characters.
To apply the cuffs, click on your character in your preview window, then click to add each cuff, they will  position automatically.

Stage Props library:
This library contains some props that can be applied to the stage figure.  Descriptions for using these pros are provided in the Stage figure library description above.  These are not smart props, you must position and parent them to the stage.  As noted previously, there is a pre-assembled stage with these props already provided in the figure library.

A more fully detailed readme file is provided in the package.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.8+
PoserNot Supported
Other Notes
(Daz Studio 4.8+ version. Poser 8+ version is sold separately)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4
 Genesis 3Genesis 3 Female

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(V4.2 and Genesis 3 female compatible figures are required for utilizing poses for characters)


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Dreadworks 4 Expansion Pack 1 DazStudio 4.8 Version
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By: DavoFreeone

Dreadworks 4 is the latest installment of the popular Dreadworks model theme from Davo. Torment your favorite characters with an amazing environment set and of course, new diabolical tools and restraints. This is the DazStudio 4.8+ compatible version


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