Astrarella - The Galactic Sex Lab
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WELCOME TO ASTRARELLA's Erotic Space Adventures, a hot SciFi erotic bondage and peril setting of MITRU COMIX.

In this first installment we're featuring Colonel Astrid Bambrilla, an Earthen Space Ranger of THE SPACE ALLEGIANCE who falls into the hands of a perverted scientist inside his kinky space sex lab...

Somewhere in the Nova Proxima sector's Neutral Zone... An old space criminal is building a new secret training facility for highly special merchandise, Its name is the Galactic Sex Lab!

Inside its remote and cold chambers... That's Me! Colonel Astrid Bambrilla, one of the best Terran Intelligence Enforcers, but everyone in the Black Sack Sector knows me as Astrarella.

I'm trapped and restrained... while the energy cuffs remind me, front time to time, that I'm the prisoner of the criminal I came to arrest: The infamous alien scientist called Dr. Robostein!

This adult comic contains: Action, Bondage, Sexual Exploitment, Fucking Machines, Alien Monsters explicit scenes... non suitable for minors.

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Astrarella - The Galactic Sex Lab

SKU: 52840
By: mitru

WELCOME TO ASTRARELLA's Erotic Space Adventures, a hot scifi erotic bondage and peril setting of MITRU COMIX.


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