Lexi Crane: Secrets Of Arkham
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There are dark secrets in Arkham, MA.  An unexplained and bloody murder.  Depraved occult rituals.  A sorority girl gone missing...
In the middle of it all, our favorite Miskatonic University cheerleader, Lexi Crane, has to deal with cultists who want to test her loyalty, an Ancient One who wants to possess her body and soul, and fraternity boys who don't respect her...
But they're messing with the wrong girl!
In this second installment of the adventures of Lexi Crane, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, there is more magic, more unspeakable monsters, more sex and more pages.

Contains: Straight sex, oral, bondage, lesbian sex, monster sex, tentacles...

Number of Images: 168 Pages
Quality: High
Format: PDF
System Requirements: WinZIP or other unzipping utility
                     Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader

Installation: Simply unzip the folder to your directory of choice



Lexi Crane: Secrets Of Arkham

SKU: 50250
By: lopriest

Book 2 of the adventures of Lexi Crane. Our favorite Miskatonic University cheerleader. Erotic adventures in the world of HP Lovecraft.


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