Akira The Bounty Hunter
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It’s the year 3023, Akira decides to go after a bounty to bring in the leader of a human trafficking gang.
What she did not realize was that she was not only outnumbered, but she was not dealing with the average thugs…
She was about to get a lot more of what she asked for…

Number of Images:85
Image Size: 1650x1031
Image Quality: High
Bonus Video: 35 frames
Format: PDF, AVI
Required Programs for use: Adobe Acrobat or any program that will read PDF files
Bonus AVI requires movie viewer



Akira The Bounty Hunter

SKU: 49662
By: The Merovingian

The Merovingian presents: Akira the Bounty Hunter A Series of 85 high resolution images and bonus 3D 360 degree character turntable.


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