Pubic Hair For New Gens
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Updated on 2015/04/12:
Three new features have been added to the user interface:
Randomness - Change the direction of each hair, so that the pubic hair looks more cluttered.
Upper hairs move down - The upper part of pubic hair moves down to shorted the distance between the top of pubic hair and clitoris.
Edge Blanking - The hairs on the border will become shorter or disappear.


Updated on 2015/02/16:
Added two new pubic hair styles.
Please download and extract the new zip file to the pubic hair prop installation directory and overwrite the existing files.

This prop can be used to quickly generate pubic hair match with New Gens For Victoria 6.

Pubic Hair For New Gens has following features:
1. Exactly matchs the New Gens For V6. Location of pubic hairs will change along with new gens's morphs(Such as open the labia majora).
2. There are various types of pubic hair for users to choose, and can add new types according to the user requirements.
3. Comes with a stubble prop, can be combined with pubic hair.
4. Users will use a unified user interface created by DAZ script. You don't need to directly operate duf files and morphs, which is more convenient and could avoid misuse.
5. There are different parameters could be used to adjust the shape of pubic hair. These parameters are independent of each other, so that users can get more personalized hairstyle.
6. It has different hair textures for replacement. Users can also use texture templates to quickly create their own hair maps.
7. The script of Pubic Hair For New Gens is saved as a .dsa file. Users can open it with a text editor, to view the source code. The source code shows how to create a user interface and how to control Daz's morphs via script.

1. This Product for Daz Studio only, and it requires New Gens For Victoria 6. an Victoria 6
2. This product uses a large number of polygons, may reduce your PC's performance.
3. If you have installed the Demo version of this product, please make sure that you have removed it, otherwise the script may not start properly.

**Not recommended or tested for Poser



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 2+
PoserNot Supported
 Not Tested

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 2Genesis 2 Female

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(New Gens for Victoria 6)

Pubic Hair For New Gens

SKU: 49228
By: 3feetwolf

This prop can be used to quickly generate pubic hair match with New Gens For Victoria 6.


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