Kiara's Debut


In Kiara's Debut, we meet the lovely Kiara, a dark-skinned girl with red hair and a secret. Performing for the first time on camera, she reveals something quite unexpected: She's got a huge cock! And if that wasn't enough, she gets to use it on the one and only Lana! Getting to fuck Lana's ass on your first shoot? Looks like Kiara has hit the jackpot!

Kiara's Debut features solo futa masturbation, oral and anal.


What's Included

This set features 194 images:

  • Main story contains 158 images (157 + 1 cover) rendered in an image resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • 29 WIP/Unused renders
  • 7 bonus pinups featuring Kiara

Kiara's Debut

SKU: 49113
By: Supro

It's Kiara's first time on camera and she's got a little secret that you have to see!


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