RetroTech Martian Tripod
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System Requirements:

- PC and Mac compatible
- Requires Poser 5+.
- ERC claw grasp morphs require Poser 8+ 
- All files in .obj, .cr2, .png and .jpg format.
Not suitable or recommended for Daz Studio

Figure features

-Pod : This figure is a stand alone that can be placed on the walker figure or used as a flying vehicle.
The pod has 2 easypose tentacle arms with a claw on each end.  The base of each claw has an Enhanced Remote Control morph that opens and closes the claw.  This feature is available in Poser 8 or higher.  The pod also has 4 repositionable small vents and 2 larger repositionable vents.  There is a posable hatch in the rear of the Pod that can open and close to an interial tunnel.
The Pod features right and left side symmetrical mirroring for easier posing.
- Walker: This figure is a posable three legged walker with posable stem to add the Pod to.  You can mirror the posing of the legs from right to left.
- Tentacle Arms: This is a set of easyposeable tentacle arms.  The overall easypose nodes are displayed as wireframes in the poser preview window. Each claw on the end of the arms have 2 easypose tentacle fingers.  The base of each claw has 2 Enhanced Remote Control morphs for grasping. This features is available in Poser 8 or higher.  There is a nullbase non rendering sphere between each arm that can be used to move both arms around at once.  Parent this part to any other figure you wish to parent a set of the tentacle arms to.  One set of tentacle arms is parented to the assembled Tripod figure, you can add as many as you wish.
- Assembled Tripod: This figure is a pre-parented walker/pod/tentacle arms combination.  The walker main hull is the controlling part that moves
the assembly around.
Material Poses:
The Pose library has material pose files for the pod, walker and tentacle arms.  Metal and worn/Rusty Metal are the two texture options.
Click on the figure in your preview window, then double click the library texture theme you want to apply, the textures will automatically change.


Pod tentacle arms:
left arm claw base morph: Grasp
right arm claw base morph name: Grasp

Tentacle Arms:
left arm claw base morph: Grasp 1 and Grasp 2
right arm claw base morph name: Grasp 1 and Grasp



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 5+
Other Notes
Poser(5+ and Poser 8+ when using ERC claw grasp morphs)

RetroTech Martian Tripod

SKU: 48880
By: RetroTech

A retro spin on the Martian Machine from War of the Worlds. This set features a pod figure, Walker figure and Tentacle Arms figure, pre-parented setup and 2 texture themes with material pose files.


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