3DFiends' Morphing 3 Cushion Couch and Oversized Chair
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1 3 Cushion Morphing Couch for P9 and Up (Uses External Binary Morphs)
1 3 Cushion Morphing Couch for P7 and Up
1 Oversized Morphing Chair for P9 and Up (Uses External Binary Morphs)
1 Oversized Morphing Chair for P7 and Up
4 Material Sets each for the Couch & Chair

PC Compatible.
Poser 7+

This set has 2 figures that have morph dials on them, with two versions of each. 

P9 and Up Version uses External Binary Morphs (PMD files) to store all the morphs for the cushions.  These are NOT compatible with P7.  Use this verion for only P9 and up.

P7 and Up Version does NOT use External Binary Morphs, and will work in any version of poser from 7 on up.

The 3 Cushion Couch which contains the following morphs:

Bottom Cushions
All Cushions Down
Lft Cushion Lft Down
Lft Cushion Center Down
Lft Cushion Rt Down
Mid Cushion Left Down
Mid Cushion Center Down
Mid Cushion Right Down
Rt Cushion Left Down
Rt Cushion Center Down
Rt Cushion Right Down

Back Cushions
Lft Back Left Down
Lft Back Center Down
Lft Back Right Down
Mid Back Left Down
Mid Back Center Down
Mid Back Right Down
Rt Back Left Down
Rt Back Center Down
Rt Back Right Down

Arm Cushions
Left Arm Down
Right Arm Down

Top Back Cushion
Lft Top Down Left
Lft Top Down Center
Lft Top Down Right
Mid Top Down Left
Mid Top Down Center
Mid Top Down Right
Rt Top Down Left
Rt Top Down Center
Rt Top Down Right

The Oversized Chair comes with the following morphs:

Bottom Cushion
Btm Full Down
Btm Left Down
Btm Center Down
Btm Right Down

Back Cushion
Back Left Down
Back Center Down
Back Right Down

Top Cushion
Top Left Down
Top Center Down
Top Right Down

Left Arm Down
Right Arm Down

Note: These are the same couch and chair that are in our set, Rustic Loft.  I wanted to make the available to people in case they wanted them, but didn't want to buy the whole set. :)



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 7+

3DFiends' Morphing 3 Cushion Couch and Oversized Chair

SKU: SKU30835
By: 3DXFiends

3 Cushion couch with 30 morphs for posing, and an over-sized chair with 12. Four materials for each, and compatible with Poser 7 and up, these two are great for posing your characters on.


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