DeepSpace3D's Saurian Brute PosePack 1
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DeepSpace3D presents:
PosePack_1 for the mighty Saurian Brute.

The Saurian Brute is an alien, reptilian warrior who has a very particular liking for humanity..  
Ferocious, powerful, yet tender when he needs to be - bring out his best side with the Saurian Brute PosePack_1.

Eight carefully crafted poses for the Saurian Brute.
Eight carefully matched poses for Victoria 4.2.
Conforming genitals with 9 different morphs.
Four different high resolution texture sets, each in P6 or P9 Sub Surface Scattering format for the genitals to ensure they perfectly match the Brute.

Must have Poser 6+, Saurian Brute and V4.2 to use this product



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6+

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(The Saurian Brute)

Required Products

DeepSpace3D's Saurian Brute

DeepSpace3D's Saurian Brute PosePack 1

SKU: SKU30705
By: DeepSpace3D

Make the Brute complete! Eight poses for the Brute, 8 poses for Vickie. Conforming, morphable 'naughty bits'. The Brute needs this - YOU need this!


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