DeepSpace3D's Saurian Brute


DeepSpace3D presents:
The Saurian Brute - a highly detailed, realistically poseable character for use in Poser 6 and above.

The Saurian Brute is an alien warrior whose lineage is more dinosaur/reptilian than mammal.  
Ferocious, powerful and unbeatable - meet the Saurian Brute.

Four different high resolution texture sets, each in P6 or P9 Sub Surface Scattering format.
9 different poses.
4 different Full Body Morphs.
Choice of 5 face shapes plus a range of expressions.
Conforming clothing.
Smart-propped weapon.



Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 6+

DeepSpace3D's Saurian Brute

SKU: SKU30701
By: DeepSpace3D

Ferocious, powerful and unbeatable - meet the Saurian Brute. Bigger, more ferocious, more powerful, more terrifying than the Saurian Soldier, the Brute is the heavy lifter of the Saurian invaders.


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