Erogenesis' Weaponshandling for Fantasy Artists


Thank you for coming to have a look. This simple comic is an introduction to a model called Lali and the style of Erogenesis. It shows the result of extensive experientation and rigging of the Lali Model and other templates in preparation of more elaborate issues to come. Page sizes will be larger in future productions. Your support will be much appreciated and will help improve and speed up the production of future Erogenesis work. - Erogenesis (Africa, 2012)


Too many times have we seen immaculately toned fantasy heroines (with outrageously huge erogenous zones) wield heavy handheld artillery either with one hand or in a very unstable and dangerous manner that would normally dislocate a thumb, snap a wrist, or make the weapon jump out of their hands, killing all the wrong people. In any case, they wouldn't realistically be able to hit anything fatally (which might explain why they get sexually assaulted so much).

Lali takes up the challenge to show how properly trained babes really do it, namely: safely, accurately and with a minimum of ammo (which might be important in these times of economic crisis)... and off course she does it in the only way that can actually keep us alert throughout the lesson... ending with a modest little show for the boys, whilst her cup double D's are swinging about all over the place.

Please read more about Lali, Erogenesis and the future plans in the FREE downloadable PDF, "Welcome to Erogenesis" (Sketches and sneak previews included). So, if you purchase it, hopefully you'll enjoy this tongue-in-cheek comic that shows a bit of who Lali is, and where Erogenesis wants to go with her. Once again, your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Erogenesis (Africa, 2012)


I use Poser Pro 2010, 2012. Photoshop CS4. ZBrush 3. 3D Studio MAX 9. UVMapper Pro. Notepad. And off course Winamp, to get me through all that shit!!! The Lali System is based on V4 (although you won't be able to retrieve the original Victoria anymore. It took 2 months of tweaking and morphing to get her right. I could make her available on Renderotica, it depends if there will be a demand. Some of her clothes are adapted from older Poser content. Most textures are self-made (including Lali's). The rest is all made by me (models and textures): weapons, buildings, furniture, Lali's hair, Lali's genital. I try to make most of the content myself to avoid any copyright issues.


  • Content is rated X and may only be viewed by Mature Adults.
  • 46 pages (incl Cover) of Comic art all in PDF format that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher.
  • Resolution is 874x620, future resolutions will be higher.
  • All images generated by Poser Pro 2010 in PNG format; comic format done in Photoshop; some images needed slight retouching in Photoshop, but generally what you see came straight out of Poser.
Once your document is downloaded, open the zip file to any directory of your choice. Then, either clicking the PDF icon or through the"Open file" menu item in Acrobat reader, select your file for viewing.

This comic is for mature audience only and no one under the age of 18 or what passes as legal age in your country should have access to or read this document. Erogenesis is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this comic. This comic is copyrighted and cannot be posted in whole or in part without my express permission.

CAUTION! Although they may be based on established protocols, any advice and / or opinions expressed in the artwork of Erogenesis (particularly pertaining to the handling of firearms) cannot be considered reliable due to the artistic restrictions of the work and thus should not be taken seriously.

CONTACT If you run into any problems, or have any comments, tips or suggestions, please email me at:

Lali System Copyright 2012; Erogenesis Art Copyright 2012;

Erogenesis' Weaponshandling for Fantasy Artists

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Introduction to Erogenesis and the Lali model - Lali shows us how fantasy babes should be handling firearms... and a dildo.


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