Gen Hair For Genesis 8 Male
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Gen Hair for Genesis 8 Male is a hair prop for the DAZ3D Genesis 8 Male Gen.

It fits automatically to DAZ3D Genesis 8 Male Gen and follows applied morphs.

The opacity maps can be edited, so all shapes are possible.

You may choose between 25 predefined color-shape-combinations
blonde - black - brown - grey - neon
combined with
bottom - default - less - mini - top
17 morphs to change appearance
- Attract
- Back
- Bend
- BottomShorter
- Curl
- Down
- Flat
- Front
- Left
- Longer
- Open
- Random_1
- Random_2
- Right
- Thicker
- Turbulence
- Up

Included is a illustrated manual as a pdf file.

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Daz Studio 4.9+
Genesis 8 Male
DAZ3D Genesis 8 Male Genitalia
Does not work in Poser



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioDaz Studio 4.9+
PoserNot Supported

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGenesis 8Genesis 8 Male

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(The Genesis 8 Male Genitalia is only available in the Michael 8 Pro Bundle)

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Gen Hair For Genesis 8 Male

SKU: 57794
By: MIKE1954

Hairy times for Genesis 8 Male! The Gen Hair fits automatically to the DAZ3D Genesis 8 Male Gen and follows applied morphs automatically. Opacity maps are working as a razor - all shapes are possible. Hair as nature created...


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