CL-Bulldog For Poser 8 Dog


Character's bulldog for Poser 8 Dog.

Use of bones and weight maps that match the bulldog, and include numerous morphs such as expression and movement. SSS Material Optimized. Various 19 poses and 2 mat poses. (Character and mat pose is optimized for SSS and invokes Poser 8 dog texture.)

Programs Required: P9/PP12 or higher.
Product Requirements: Poser8Dog.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9+

Figure Compatibility

SM FiguresOther
Other Notes
(Poser 8 Dog)

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CL-Bulldog For Poser 8 Dog

SKU: 57873
By: Chocolate

Character's bulldog for Poser 8 Dog.


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