Haru Base Bundle
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Amazing 3D digital figure compatible with Poser.

Haru Ver 1.0 SET
Meet Haru, a perky female with adjustable hair, clothes, facial and body features, and loads of items.

Haru Ver 1.0 SET -Back Version-
Haru appears here with adjustable genital features, and many adult items.

Haru Ver 1.0 SET -Expansion Morph Bundle-
Haru appears here with adjustable facial and body features, and items.

Cool Style for Haru Ver 1.0
Haru appears here with Sunburn item.

Haru Hall for Haru Ver 1.0
Haru's sex toy conversion and including limb deficiencies morph.

Special Bonus Content Vol1 and Vol2
Lots of bonus content. Includes clothing, morphs and materials.

Haru 2012 (Haru Ver 2.0)
Now with built-in weight map, indirect curvature smoothing, sexy and cute poses, Morph file with clenched/tight butt, form-fitting magnets, etc. Customize her with SSS matting, 50 pose files, 7 custom joint pose files, IK, lock mod pose file and more.

Request One for Haru Ver 2.0
4x (Standard / Suntan / Interspecies green / Interspecies purple) characters. Each character comes with sweat and spittle fluid materials. Morph files feature nipple f*ck, navel f*ck distortion. Further magnet controller for fist f*ck.

Full Injection Content of Base Bundle
Includes Haru and Haru Hall with full injection of morph and weight map. And includes character pose data of "Haruiro for Haru".

October 2017
This bundle was made with the latest version of Poser Pro 11.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 11+

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresOther

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Haru Base Bundle

SKU: 58010
By: Chocolate

Amazing 3D digital figure compatible with Poser. Meet Haru, a perky female with adjustable hair, clothes, facial and body features, and loads of items.


10% off until 11/30/2017

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