Golgoroth Tracker
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The Golgoroth Tracker is a poseable alien from a world far, far away. A world where the Golgoroth race comes in many and varied guises. The product of genetic engineering, the Golgoroth Tracker has been created to track and find a particular kind of prey - humans!

Fully poseable character with 3 different texture sets and a set of 7 starter poses.



Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
PoserPoser 9+
Other Notes
(Should work in daz Studio but has not been tested with that software.)

Figure Compatibility

Other FiguresOther

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Golgoroth Tracker

SKU: 56628
By: DeepSpace3D

The Golgoroth Tracker: genetically engineered to track down prey in concert with the other Golgoroth xenotypes. Particularly attracted to human pheromones, it can locate a human scent from miles away...


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