Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens eX Add-On


Satanica Inc presents: Real M3 Gens eX Update Add-ON for Poser

[Formerly the Satanica Inc Real M3 Gens eX Update for Poser]

Sorry for the confusion!! I have changed the name of the Real M3 Gens Update to avoid new confusions, but the product are the same....

An add-on for the realistic Real M3 Gens, with new morphs, poses and texture maps.
I decided to use INJ Morphs poses for a better computer performance.
I have checked and inproved the older version morphs and poses for the best conform with the other figures..

NOTE: You need Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens to use this Product.

Note: Product Readme file may contain additional information. Please view the vendor's documentation after purchase.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Items set for Poser.

An add-on for the realistic Real M3 Gens, with new morphs, poses and texture maps.
Now you can use Real M3 Gens with other figures and play with Real M3 Gens alone as a Sex Toy!!

NOTE: This product is an add-on to the original M3 Gens pack. You do not need it if you purchase the super combo pack.

NEEDED FILES LIST (Files/Programs needed that are not included in the zip):
Mac users needs Maconverter
Poser 4 or higher (program)
Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens
DAZ3D Michael 3, DAZ3D Michael 1/2, DAZ3D Freak, DAZ3D DAvid, DAZ3D Victoria 3, DAZ3D Victoria 1/2, DAZ3D Stephanie, DAZ3D Stephanie Petite, DAZ3D The Girl, DAZ3D She Freak or DAZ3D Aiko 3

- Extract the zip file to ...\\Poser\\
- Open Poser (program) and load DAZ3D Michael 3.0 or any other DAZ3D Figure
4.3- Go to the Character directory - Satanica Inc - and add Real M3 Gens
- Conform the New figure to the DAZ3D Figure
- Go to the Pose directory - Satanica Inc - if the figure isn't Michael 3 go to the !Fit Directoryand apply the pose for your figure
- Now you can use the INJ poses to add new morphs and then apply other poses
- You can use the new Sex Toy Morphs applied to Real M3 Gens as a prop....yes you can play with the Sex Toys!!!
- Use the trans maps for a better integration with the other DAZ3D figures

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

See the Official Support Forum for any questions you have about this product.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+
Other Notes
(Needs mac converter)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Michael 3

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(Satanica Inc RealM3Gens)

Required Products

Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens

Satanica Inc's Real M3 Gens eX Add-On

SKU: SKU1431
By: Satanica_inc

Satanica_Inc's Real M3 Gens eX Add-On


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