Satanica Inc's SuperDeformeds


Satanica_Inc presents: SuperDeformeds for Poser

Do you like to create humor-manga comics? Then use this Superdeformeds remote magnets with your DAZ3D figures and transform them in SuperDeformed Characters!!

Big heads, big bodies, big arms or little heads....use your imagination and create new Superdeformed characters as you like!!

* SuperDeformeds *

Remote control magnets for convert your DAZ3D figures in SuperDeformeds like Manga-Characters

1- PRODUCT TITLE: SuperDeformeds
COPYRIGHT: Satanica inc
DATE: 2005

2- FILES LIST (what is included in zip):

01-Lock Figure.png
01-Lock Figure.pz2
02-Magnatize Conformer.png
02-Magnatize Conformer.pz2
03-Magnatize Only Figure.png
03-Magnatize Only Figure.pz2
04-Magnatize Only Cloth.png
04-Magnatize Only Cloth.pz2
05-Fix Double Feed.png
05-Fix Double Feed.pz2
06-Mag Zone HIDE.png
06-Mag Zone HIDE.pz2
07-Mag Zone SHOW.png
07-Mag Zone SHOW.pz2
08-Remotes HIDE.png
08-Remotes HIDE.pz2
09-Remotes SHOW.png
09-Remotes SHOW.pz2
10-Remotes UNPACK.png
10-Remotes UNPACK.pz2
11-Remotes PACK.png
11-Remotes PACK.pz2
12-Eyes Fix M3.png
12-Eyes Fix M3.pz2
13-He Super Deformed.png
13-He Super Deformed.pz2
14-She Super Deformed.png
14-She Super Deformed.pz2
15-SD He Alien.png
15-SD He Alien.pz2
16-SD She Alien.png
16-SD She Alien.pz2
17-Big Head.png
17-Big Head.pz2
18-Big Big Head.png
18-Big Big Head.pz2
19-Big Arms-Legs.png
19-Big Arms-Legs.pz2
20-Big Body.png
20-Big Body.pz2
21-Big Legs.png
21-Big Legs.pz2
22-Little Head.png
22-Little Head.pz2
23-SD Head Only.png
23-SD Head Only.pz2
24-SD Body Only.png
24-SD Body Only.pz2
25-SD LArm Only.png
25-SD LArm Only.pz2
26-SD RArm Only.png
26-SD RArm Only.pz2
27-SD LLeg Only.png
27-SD LLeg Only.pz2
28-SD RLeg Only.png
28-SD RLeg Only.pz2
29-Zero Mags.png
29-Zero Mags.pz2
30-SD Suit.png
30-SD Suit.pz2
31-SD Suit B.png
31-SD Suit B.pz2

Aiko 3 SD Magnets.png
Aiko 3 SD Magnets.pp2
David SD Magnets.png
David SD Magnets.pp2
Hiro SD Magnets.png
Hiro SD Magnets.pp2
M3 SD Magnets.png
M3 SD Magnets.pp2
S3 SD Magnets.png
S3 SD Magnets.pp2
She Freak SD Magnets.png
She Freak SD Magnets.pp2
The Freak SD Magnets.png
The Freak SD Magnets.pp2
V3 SD Magnets.png
V3 SD Magnets.pp2

..\\Runtime\\Textures\\Satanica Inc\\

Tutorial SuperDeformeds.pdf

3- NEEDED FILES LIST (Files/Programs needed that are not included in the zip):
Mac users needs Maconverter
Poser 4 or higher (program)
Daz3D Michael 3 or/and Victoria 3 or/and Stephanie Petite 3 or/and David 3 or/and Hiro 3 or/and Aiko 3 or/and The Freak or/and She Freak

4.1- Extract the zip file to ...\\Poser\\
4.2- See the ..Poser\\Readme's\\Tutorial Superdeformeds.pdf for instructions to use

\\Runtime\\libraries\\textures\\Satanica Inc


Note: Product Readme file may contain additional information. Please view the vendor's documentation after purchase.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Deformers set for Poser. A set of Remote control magnets for converting and shaping your DAZ3D figures.

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+
Other Notes
(Needs mac converter)

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Aiko 3
  David 3
  Michael 3
  Other(freak/she freak)
  Stephanie 3
  Victoria 3

Satanica Inc's SuperDeformeds

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By: Satanica_inc

Satanica_Inc's SuperDeformeds


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