DrTaJ's Bukakae Bess CS


DrTaj presents: Bukakae Bess CS for Poser

Tired of postworking those Cum Shots? No longer with Buakae Bess CS for V3 only from Hands Across the Big Pond Inc (accept no imitations)! Just load her into poser then...

"Click a Switch and Cream the Bitch!" Complete with character and photo-realistic texture and of course her very own collar and cuffs Bess comes with more cum shot mat files than you can wave a shitty stick at! Following major surgery involving scaffolding at the Hands Across the Big Pond Vasectomy Clinic (accept no imitations, we aim low so you don't sing high), resident surgeon and sadist Dr Vladimir Bollokov suggested that DrTaJ make sure he was "well drained"! So nursing his lacerated luggage and avoiding undue chafing from his lap-top, DrTaJ put his endevours to good use and brings you Bukakae Bess, only available in your local Renderotica Store from Hands ACross the Big Pond Inc (accept no imitations)!

Note: Product Readme file may contain additional information. Please view the vendor's documentation after purchase.

Set includes:

  • DrTaJ_Bess\\Runtime\\libraries\\light\\!DrTaJ Bess CS\\
  • Bess Lights.lt2
  • Bess Lights.png
  • Thumbs.db
  • DrTaJ_Bess\\Runtime\\libraries\\Pose\\!DrTaJ Cum Shots\\
  • Cum Shot 1A.png
  • Cum Shot 1A.pz2
  • Cum Shot 1B.png
  • Cum Shot 1B.pz2
  • Cum Shot 2A.png
  • Cum Shot 2A.pz2
  • Cum Shot 2B.png
  • Cum Shot 2B.pz2
  • Cum Shot 3A.png
  • Cum Shot 3A.pz2
  • Cum Shot 3B.png
  • Cum Shot 3B.pz2
  • Cum Shot 3C.png
  • Cum Shot 3C.pz2
  • Cum Shot 4A.png
  • Cum Shot 4A.pz2
  • Cum Shot 4B.png
  • Cum Shot 4B.pz2
  • Cum Shot 5A.png
  • Cum Shot 5A.pz2
  • Cum Shot 5B.png
  • Cum Shot 5B.pz2
  • Cum Shot 5C.png
  • Cum Shot 5C.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 1A.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 1A.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 1B.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 1B.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 1C.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 1C.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 2A.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 2A.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 2B.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 2B.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 3A.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 3A.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 3B.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 3B.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 4A.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 4A.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 4B.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 4B.pz2
  • Cum Shot Combo 4C.png
  • Cum Shot Combo 4C.pz2
  • Money Shot A.png
  • Money Shot A.pz2
  • Money Shot B.png
  • Money Shot B.pz2
  • Money Shot C.png
  • Money Shot C.pz2
  • DrTaJ_Bess\\Runtime\\libraries\\Pose\\!DrTaJs Bess CS\\
  • Base Mat.png
  • Base Mat.pz2
  • Bess Full Morph INJ.png
  • Bess Full Morph INJ.pz2
  • Bess Full Morph REM.png
  • Bess Full Morph REM.pz2
  • Bess Head INJ.png
  • Bess Head INJ.pz2
  • Bess Head REM.png
  • Bess Head REM.pz2
  • Body Tone 1.png
  • Body Tone 1.pz2
  • Body Tone 2.png
  • Body Tone 2.pz2
  • Body Wet REM.png
  • Body Wet REM.pz2
  • Body Wet.png
  • Body Wet.pz2
  • Eyes 1.png
  • Eyes 1.pz2
  • Eyes 2.png
  • Eyes 2.pz2
  • Eyes 3.png
  • Eyes 3.pz2
  • Eyes REM Reflection.png
  • Eyes REM Reflection.pz2
  • Merkin Black.png
  • Merkin Black.pz2
  • Merkin Blonde.png
  • Merkin Blonde.pz2
  • Merkin Brunette.png
  • Merkin Brunette.pz2
  • Merkin REM.png
  • Merkin REM.pz2
  • Merkin Red.png
  • Merkin Red.pz2
  • DrTaJ_Bess\\Runtime\\libraries\\Props\\!DrTaJ Bess CS\\
  • Collar.png
  • Collar.pp2
  • Lft Cuff.png
  • Lft Cuff.pp2
  • Rt Cuff.png
  • Rt Cuff.pp2
  • DrTaJ_Bess\\Runtime\\textures\\TaJTeX\\Beula\\
  • Bess EyeLashes.jpg
  • Bess PubicTrans.jpg
  • Bess-Teeth-Gums.jpg
  • Bess_Body.jpg
  • Bess_Head.jpg
  • Bess_headdetails.jpg
  • Cum Shot 1.jpg
  • Cum Shot 1B.jpg
  • Cum Shot 2.jpg
  • Cum Shot 2B.jpg
  • Cum Shot 3.jpg
  • Cum Shot 3B.jpg
  • Cum Shot 3C.jpg
  • Cum Shot 4.jpg
  • Cum Shot 4B.jpg
  • Cum Shot 5.jpg
  • Cum Shot 5B.jpg
  • Cum Shot 5C.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 1.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 1B.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 1C.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 2.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 2B.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 3.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 3B.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 4.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 4B.jpg
  • Cum Shot Combo 4C.jpg
  • Money Shot B.jpg
  • Money Shot C.jpg
  • Money Shot.jpg
  • eye11_l.jpg
  • eye11_r.jpg
  • eye1_l.jpg
  • eye1_r.jpg
  • eye8_l.jpg
  • eye8_r.jpg
  • eye_ref7_l.jpg
  • eye_ref7_r.jpg

For some chains (and even a padlock) to go along with Bess' shackles, please check out Dendras' offerings.

computer: both [Mac with MacConverter]

description: Character set for Poser: Character for V3 from Daz. Requires V3 and all V3 Head and Body Morphs

Thank you for buying this product from my store.

Application Compatibility

PoserPoser 4+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 3Victoria 3

Product Requirements

Other Notes
(V3 head morphs)

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
V3 head morphs (http://www.daz3d.com/victoria-3-0-head-morph-pack)

DrTaJ's Bukakae Bess CS

SKU: SKU1885
By: DrTaJ

DrTaJ's Bukakae Bess CS


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