Ffionna For V4
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Meet Ffionna, a natural Celtic beauty with a Fairy's kiss of freckles littered like a star-filled sky ~~~
Or 'waith bain nura Anor a panlû elin cuinar
Ú-pedithon 'i-aur gwann' egor nai îl 'namarië'
[ Above all shadows rides the Sun and stars always dwell. I will not say 'The day is done' or to the stars 'farewell' ]
Ffionna comes with - MORPHS:  1 Custom Head INJ/REM for Poser (no extra morphs needed), 1 Body INJ/REM for Poser (morphs++ needed for all Body INJ/REM), 1 Complete INJ/REM for Poser, 1 Custom Elven Ears INJ/REM for Poser (no extra morphs needed), 1 Brow On Utility, 1 Long Nail INJ/REM.  MATS:  1 complete natural skin texture, 2 Brow Forms (Natural & Elven), 6 each Brow & Lash Colors for both natural and elven brows, 11 Eye Colors, 5 Eye Reflects, 9 Face Make-Ups, 1 Natural + 6 Lip Colors, all in matte, gloss and high gloss, 1 Nail Color, 6 Individual Body Tattoos.  All MATs are provided for both Regular & SSS, advanced skin MATs for Poser 9|Poser Pro 2012 for all skin materials that utilize the advanced sub-surface scattering abilities of both program versions.
This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; specular; highlight & ambient. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of Poser 6+. Advanced SSS shader settings are also included for Poser 9|Poser Pro 2012 only.


  • 01 Custom Poser Head INJ/REM
  • 01 Custom Poser Elf Ear INJ/REM
  • 01 Poser Body INJ/REM
  • 01 Complete Ffionna Poser INJ/REM
  • 01 Poser Brow ON Utility INJ
  • 01 Poser Nail INJ/REM
  • 01 Complete Skin Texture
  • 02 Brow Formats (Regular & Elven)
  • 06 Brow & Lash Colors (Regular & Elven)
  • 11 Eye Colors
  • 05 Eye Reflects
  • 19 Face Make-Ups + 1 Nat Face
  • 07 Lip Colors - 6 + 1 Nat (Matte, Gloss & High Gloss)
  • 01 Nail Color (Natural)
  • 06 Individual Body Tattoos

  • SSS Advanced Sub-Surface Skin Shaders for Poser 9|Poser Pro 2012

  • 10 Head Texture Maps (4000x4000px)
  • 05 Torso Texture Maps (4000x4000px)
  • 03 Limbs Texture Maps (4000x4000px)
  • 13 EyeBrow Texture Maps (4000x4000px)
  • 10 Eye Texture Maps (1024x1024px)
  • 05 Eye Reflecton Maps (1024x1024px)
  • 06 Eyelash Texture Maps (2000x2000px)
  • 01 Eye TRANSmap (1500x1500px)
  • 01 Eyelash TRANSmap (2000x2000px)
  • 02 Eyebrow TRANSmaps (4000x4000px)
  • 01 Lip TRANSmap (4000x4000px)
  • 01 Mouth Texture Map (2048x2048px)
  • 02 Tear/Eye Surface Texture Maps (2048x2048px)
  • 12 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps

  • 06 INJ Pose Files
  • 05 REM Pose Files
  • 92 MAT Pose Files
  • 92 P9|P2012 SSS MATs

Ffionna is optimized for Poser only. Although the regular MAT pose files should work in Daz Studio, it is not supported. Custom morphs were created for Poser and have not been tested nor are they supported in Daz Studio.

5 Star Review ~~~
valkeerie -- Dec 17, 2015
The face behind a thousand promo shots. Ffionna is one of the most detailed, high-quality skins I have used. 
I use "Iray Convertor for Generation 4" and the results in Daz are superb. If you don't want to use the V4 INJ (which |I love) then it is fairly trivial to apply the skin to a Genesis or Genesis 2 model.




Application Compatibility

Daz StudioNot Supported
 Not Tested
PoserPoser 6+

Figure Compatibility

Daz FiguresGeneration 4Victoria 4

Product Requirements

V4 Morphs ++

Required Products

Required 3rd Party Products
Victoria 4.2 (http://www.daz3d.com/victoria-4-2-base)

Ffionna For V4

SKU: 54662
By: Spiritfoxy

Ffionna for V4 custom character by Spiritfoxy. Meet Ffionna, a natural Celtic beauty with a Fairy's kiss of freckles littered like a star-filled sky ~~~


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