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When I started my SF series, Miserys Paradies, almost 30 years ago, two things happened relatively quickly. On the one hand, pornographic eroticism became more and more in the story and my desire to make a comic grew more and more. It should have the style of Druuna. But I do not know traditional drawing and I do not have the patience for that.

That's why I started in 2016 with DAZ Studio and Digital Art. One year I learned, developed my own style and acquired a fairly big fan base. So I had those people to care for and made new pictures every day and not one of them was even beginning to relate to the first page of Miserys Paradise, or any of the other over 300 stories I've written so far.

WhiteViper has made a name for itself and is well known and I am grateful for the 500 people who like to follow my work on various platforms. Due to illness, I have been more or less tied to the house for 1.5 years, but any attempts to make a profession out of my hobby have failed. With the exception of my one biggest fan, nobody is willing to support my work with ONE DOLLAR a month.
The decision to stop working for anyone has been growing for 6 months.

I withdraw from the public and bury WhiteViper. But January 1, 2019 will delete everything that had to do with WhiteViper. Now I focus on what I always wanted from the beginning to turn my stories into comics, and I do not need distractions that bring in absolutely nothing.

In my old age, time becomes more and more precious and as she runs, I will not waste her anymore.

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Male, born on June 29th.
Website: WhiteViper
Location: Germany
About Me:
Born 1967 in Bremen, Germany.

Writer since 30 Years, Father from 4 great Boys and Single.

I love Girls with red Hair, green Eyes and Big Boobs, like my sister in law.

Women who have only coconuts big Brests, or less, are of no interest to me.

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