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Male, born on June 29th.
Website: WhiteViper
Location: Germany
About Me:
Born 1967 in Bremen, Germany.

Writer since 30 Years, Father from 4 great Boys and Single.

I love Girls with red Hair, green Eyes and Big Boobs, like my sister in law.

Women who have only coconuts big Brests, or less, are of no interest to me.

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Why do I sell my comics on gumroad?

10/13/2018 2:00:54 PM by Whiteviper

This is really easy to explain.First, I have to make at least between 50 and 60 pictures here. Unfortunately, I do not know that exactly, because I was told that it MUST be 60 pictures, I have seen here in the shop but a few comics only about 50 pictures.I have quite a few shortstories and in order to make the required amount of...


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