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Male, born on January 1st.
Location: Central Europe



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Exporting Poser Hair

5/19/2017 3:25:37 PM by Geramdrir

Poser Hair starts to look bad as figures improve - this is due to it's nature being flat with only some texture applied. So many important shader parts like SSS can not work.

I was looking for a way to export poser hair to some real 3D hair making splines and hair guides out of it and was successful.

Breakthrough importing G3

3/26/2017 7:41:40 PM by Geramdrir

For some time now i am trying to get G3 into C4D to have a working environment to continue with my picture and story work after i had lost V4 due to a discontinuing of a vital plugin. Looking for a new solution was not very successful in the last year although i tried mayn things.
Last week i had a breakthrough by some discoveries...

Towards a final shader and figure

2/25/2016 12:00:00 AM by Geramdrir

Made some next steps towards a final shader - next will be to rework my workflow, especially the export DAZ / import Cinema4D as here seem to be some problems I was able to solve one problem inheriting a new one. - more in the main text... So i probably will declare this 'current state of my art' and go to creating figures and...

First test with new skin

2/11/2016 12:00:00 AM by Geramdrir

Finally made some progress with the skin shader. There is still room for tuning but I'm quite content as my goal was not creating something photoreral but something tasty/delicious i can use in my new series. The trick was to get less physical correct as the DAZ figures of course are not physical (inside) and so correct light bounces...

New Render Setup

1/20/2016 12:00:00 AM by Geramdrir

My new setup is complete - for those interested in the technical stuff... I am using a beta of the new vray that will come out this spring (i hope) -- In the meantime learned some interesting technical stuff and am about to incorporate it into my renders. I learned that i have done many things terribly wrong - and hope the renders...