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    Thunder-3D, Nonsane, Wandrer, Darkseal, Vunter Slaush, Apocalypse 3DX, and Vyxes!!

    12/13/2017 9:35:57 PM by FunFungi

    We’re at it again on a Wednesday! We have more and more of all types of items to add to your renders and to read through! Let’s see what’s in store. Check it out…
    We’ve been seeing a lot of great new pose products and we’re not slowing down! Thunder-3D is here with their new one called “Inspiration Poses – Side From Behind Volume I”!
    We also have a bunch of 3D Erotica! Get a hold of “Futa Dream” by Nonsane, “Repossessed Parts 1-6” by Wandrer, and a sci fi extravaganza by Vyxes titled “Cymra VS Witches Gallery Series”!
    Darkseal has some really great odd creations and this one is no exception! “Magurgle” is a new fish frog man with a loin cloth and spear! Get creative!
    Moving along, Vunter Slaush is back with a great new prop to prepare your characters for their spanking needs! “Spank Bench” is available now!
    Lastly, “Moresome 2” by Apocalypse 3DX is here! Get more with your threesomes! Or maybe even a foursome? Check it out!

    powerage, SynfulMindz, Sledgehammer, Wandrer, The Dude, farconville, and Ostwind!!

    12/11/2017 9:26:13 PM by FunFungi

    Here we go again! Another Monday and boy do we have some real good new ones for you! Don’t hesitate! Check it out…
    First up we have a new one by powerage! Get your hands on this very versatile pack “G8M Genitalia Tool Box”!
    We’re not stopping there! We also have “Fabkini G3F/G8F” by SynfulMindz. Get on your favorite swim suit and catch some waves!
    In need of some new passionate couple poses? Well Sledgehammer has just that! Get your hands on “Romantic Affair For G8 Couple” which is on sale for a limited time!
    You bet your ass we have some new 3D Erotica! Be entertained for house with “Repossessed Part 9” by Wandrer and The Dude’s “Brunettes Do It Better”!
    We have more poses for your favorite Michael 8 lovers! Check out farconville’s “Laid For M8”! Get these 12 poses on sale for a limited time!
    Lastly, you guessed it! More poses! Ostwind’s “Simple Poses 13” comes with 80 erotic poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Females!

    CynderBlue, Gonzo Studios, Gator3D, Layla, DubTH, and powerage!!

    12/8/2017 5:30:38 PM by FunFungi

    Here we are again at the end of the week! It’s Friday and we have all of those new products you’ve been waiting for! Let’s get right to it folks! Check it out…
    First up we have a couple new ones by CynderBlue! If you’re looking for a great new lingerie set with option texture add-ons we’ve got them! Get your hands on “Blue Monday G8F” and “Blue Monday G8F – After Dark – Texture AddOn” today!
    We also have a couple new 3D Erotica items! Spend hours flipping through Gonzo Studios’ “Xmas Tale 2017” and “Almost Human – Mojo Rising” by Gator3D!
    Do you need more erotic poses? Do you need more erotic foot poses? Good! Because Layla just came out with a great new foot fetish pose set for your Genesis 3 and 8 Characters! Check out “Food Fetish Fanatics G8” and “Foot Fetish Fanatics G3”! On sale for a limited time!
    DubTH is also back with a great new scene and set ready to complete your medieval renders! “Medieval Street: Maxglane” is available now!
    Lastly, powerage is back with “Micro Swimsuit For G8 Female”! Send your ladies to the hottest places wearing the hottest threads!

    Dr-X, SynfulMindz, Thunder-3D, farconville, Anastasia11, HyperComics, DarkDesire, and DB XXX!!

    12/6/2017 5:59:12 PM by FunFungi

    We’re back again this week! This time on Wednesday! We have a whole bunch of great new stuff you won’t want to pass up. Check it out…
    First up let’s cover some new 3D Erotica! We have “Lost In The Woods” by Dr-X, and a double whammy by HyperComcis titled “2 In 1 Jungle Monsters Attack Bundle”!
    SynfulMindz is also back with their great new pose set “Cherry Me G8F”! Don’t waste your time when you can get those perfect poses with this new product!
    The poses don’t stop there folks! We have Thunder-3D’s “Inspiration Poses – Vertical Volume 1” out now!
    Let’s see what’s new for our Michael 8 men! Farconville has something for those M8 lovers with their new pose set “King Of Kink For Michael 8”!
    It’s just a posing kind of day! There’s another great new pose set for your Genesis 3 Females. Get your hands on “Sweet & Sexy” by Anastasia11!
    Darkdesire is also here with more for your sci fi scenes! Check out “Serpatha 01 Adventure For G3F Second Set”!
    Lastly but never the least, be sure to also take a look at DB XXX’s new set titled “Twice The Pleasure”!
    There you have it! Hope you’re having a great mid-week and check back soon for more!

    MavenGames, Nun Ya, Insane3D, farconville, Meipe, guhzcoituz, and Sledgehammer!!

    12/4/2017 9:40:09 AM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! Welcome back to Monday and to even more amazing new 3D Content and 3D Erotica! It’s been a busy weekend so let’s get crackin’! Check it out…
    First up we have MavenGames’ debut character “Larah For Genesis 3 Female”! This is on sale for the rest of today so act quick!
    We also have a couple 3D Erotica issues today! Flip through the fantastic pages of Nun Ya’s “Wrong Side Of Town” and Insane3D’s huge bundle “Sci-Fi Paradies”!
    Farconville is also back with another great pose set for your Michael 8 couples! “Indecent For M8-M8” is ready to go and on sale for a limited time!
    Meipe’s “Godlen Palace UVs For Genesis 3 Female” is available now too! Perfect you character with these amazing UVs!
    We have “Tania Face For G2F And G3F” by guhzcoituz too! A great new face for your beautiful ladies!
    Lastly, get wild with Sledehammer’s “Werwulf Attack For G8 Couple”! Be sure to check the post to get everything necessary!
    That’s it for today! Enjoy these new ones and check back soon for more of the good stuff!

    Meipe, Paradox3D, Great_Gonzo, SkatingJesus, Redrobot3D, andy3dx, and DeepSpace3D!!

    12/1/2017 3:02:00 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! It’s Friday and boy do we have a huge supply of new 3D Content including new 3D Erotica! Let’s stop the gabbing and get right to it! Check it out…
    Meipe is at it again! This time we have “Golden Palace For Genesis 3 Female GP G8F Update” and “Golden Palace For Genesis 3 Female”! Both are great new items ready and available now!
    Next up, we have a few of some fantastic new 3D erotica! Get your hands on “The Mysterious Spells: Part 3” by Paradox3D, “Slayer: Apocalypse 05” by Great_Gonzo, “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 11” by SkatingJesus, Redrobot3D’s “Dark Ritual: The Initiation”, and “Vampire Queen” by andy3dx!! Good lord that’s a lot of new comics and image collections!
    This leaves us with some great new poses! DeepSpace3D’s “Pose Pack 1 For Triped Seeder DS” is here!
    There you have it! Have a great weekend and come back soon for more!

    DeepSpace3D, Chaosophia, g545, Layla, Richabri, and Ambrosia3d!!

    11/29/2017 10:00:55 PM by FunFungi

    Here we go again and again! We’re back with more of those great 3D products you’ve all been waiting for. There’s something for everyone so check it out…
    First up, feast your eyes on DeepSpace3D’s “Triped Seeder For Daz Studio”! What was once just for Poser is now available for Daz Studio!
    If you’re looking for poses we have that too! “G3F Fights Back” by Chaosophia is here and comes with over 25 ass kicking poses for Genesis 3 Female!
    The poses don’t stop there folks! We also have “Impaled” by g545! You get a total of 40 poses for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 3 Female!
    Layla is also back with more poses for you Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 characters! Get these awesome sets titled “Car Sex Poses G8” and “Car Sex Poses G3”! On sale for a limited time.
    Looking for some new sets and scenes? “Boxing Gym” by Richabri is available now! Complete with gym props and all!
    Lastly, be sure to check out “Strapon For G8F” by Ambrosia3d! The perfect prop and toy to give those renders a little jazz!
    That’s it for today! Enjoy these new ones and check back Friday for more!

    Tikiman-3d, SF-Design, farconville, Great_Gonzo, Studio_AD, and sumigo!!

    11/27/2017 2:31:12 PM by FunFungi

    Here we go again! This time on a Monday! Hope everyone had a great holiday and are well rested because we have a lot more action to blow you out of the water! Check it out…
    Today is heavy in that new 3D Erotica! So get out your reading glasses and flip through these bangers! Get your hands on “Cabin Fever” by Tikiman-3d, Great_Gonzo’s “Slayer Apocalypse Ep 1-4”, and Studio_AD’s 2 new titles “Carey Carter Issue 24” and “Cary Carter Issue 23 Alternate Endings”! But wait there’s more! Also be sure to check out “The Adventures Of Princess Ravenmuff Part One: The Awakening” by sumigo!
    SF-Design is also back with more for your G8M characters! Get jacked with “Easy Pecs – Pose And Morph Control For Genesis 8 Males”!
    Lastly, we have some more of those great male lover poses by farconville! “Hot Stuff For M8M8” is here today and on sale for a limited time!
    That’s it for today! Check back soon for more!

    G3F Fights Back

    11/26/2017 12:06:12 AM by Chaosophia

    New set of poses for G3F fighting back being Napped.

    Miki3dx, Gonzo Studios, dsv4600, Ostwind, SynfulMindz, farconville, and Hibbli3D!!

    11/24/2017 7:23:33 PM by FunFungi

    Here we go again! I hope everyone has digested all that turkey and other great thanksgiving food because we have a whole bunch of 3D Erotica and 3D Products ready for you! Let’s get right to it! Check it out…
    We have four new 3D Erotica issues out now! Get your copies of “The Experiment Chapter Two” by Miki3dx, “Fairy Tales 01” by Gonzo Studios, “Strange Investigations #9” by dsv4600, and Hibbli3D’s “Knight Elayne – Untold Stories Chapter 1” today! Ranging from contemporary to fantasy and Sci-Fi, this artwork will keep you entertained for hours!
    Next up, we have some more great erotic poses to add to your collections for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female. “Simple Poses 12” by Ostwind is ready to rock!
    “Camouflage DS” by SynfulMindz is also here! Jazz up your clothing and fashionable items with this great new texture!
    Lastly, farconville is back with those poses for your Michael 8 lovers! “Gang Bang For M8” is available now!
    That’s it for today! ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Black Friday and cyber Monday sales are happening so get these at a great price while you can!

    Easy Pecs - Pose And Morph Control For Genesis 8 Males

    11/24/2017 2:35:35 AM by SF-Design

    This product comes with 35 additional control dials to adjust the chest of all Genesis 8 Male based characters.

    Plymouth, guhzcoituz, Darkseal, kadwyn, DubTH, RedLightZZ, and DragiHadzitosic!!

    11/22/2017 9:10:45 PM by FunFungi

    Hey everyone! It’s mid-week and to answer your question, Yes! We have more of those products you love so much. So let’s not waste any more time and get to it. Check it out…
    We’re going to start things off today with some really great 3D Erotica! Flip through the glorious pages of “The Avid Collector” by Plymouth, and “Infected 2” by kadwyn!
    We also have some great new morphs for your lovely ladies! Guhzcoituz is back with “Xaviera Body For Genesis 8 Females”. Get those curves you desire!
    Darkseal has even more for their figure No728! “Kei For No728” comes with clothing and skin textures to keep her looking good!
    Next up, DubTH has their new accessories titled “Celtic Jewelry For G3F/G3M/G8F/G8M”! Comes with necklaces and rings for your figures!
    Oh I didn’t see you there! It must have been because I had my “BlindFoldZZ” by RedLightZZ on! Get this now for a discount price for a limited time! Ready for Genesis 2, 3, and 8 Females.
    Lastly, check out DragiHadzitosic’s new one “Vibro Girl”! A set of vibrators and nipple clamps to spice things up!
    There you have it! Have a great day and a great holiday!

    Beginning's End

    11/21/2017 2:11:04 AM by dsv4600

    Strange Investigations Issue 9 released.

    farconville, HyperComics, SamuelKhan, Ambrosia3d, Insane3D, DubTH, and Thunder-3D!!

    11/20/2017 3:42:45 PM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone had a great weekend because we are back in action with more products to shine some light on! What’s new you ask? Check it out…
    We have more of those great Michael 8 on Michael 8 love poses. “Fuck! For M8-M8” by farconville is here and comes with 12 poses for your favorite men!
    Of course we have some new 3D Erotica! Be sure to comb through the fantasy pages of HyperComics’ “Vampire Attack” and Insane3D’s “Fucked Elven Girls”!
    Are you trying to keep your Genesis 8 Female in place while you rummage through her things? SamuelKhan’s “Damsel In Distress Poses For G8F 1” is here so you can do just that!
    Ambrosia3d is back! This time with a great new prop titled “Strapon For G3F”. On sale for  a limited time!
    Speaking of fun props, DubTH has a whole bundle of dildos for you! “Woman’s Best Friend: Bundle” is here and comes with 4 props!
    Lastly, get posing with Thunder-3D’s “Inspiration Poses – Missionary Volume I”! Collect all of their pose collections today!
    There you have it! Enjoy your Monday and these new items!

    Turkey's Vengeance Sale

    11/20/2017 2:06:04 AM by Chaosophia

    25% Off until the end of Thanksgiving.

    SynfulMindz, Chaosophia, disordercode, Insane3D, Nun Ya, HyperComics, and DeepSpace3D!!

    11/17/2017 2:11:29 PM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Friday! We have all of those products you love and have been waiting for. Are we ever going to slow down? No! So let’s see what’s new. Check it out…
    SynfulMindz is here with “Tasty Me G3F”! A fantastic and versatile new pose set for Genesis 3 Females! On sale for a limited time.
    We also have a new one by Chaosophia! “Cum And Get It!” is another great pose set for Genesis 8 Female. You get 25 sexy and seductive poses.
    “Deep For Victoria 8” by disordercode has also been released. More poses for our favorite girl! Victoria 8! Also on sale for a few more days!
    How about we take a look at some new 3d erotica? We have Insane3D’s “3DX Apocalypse #2”, Nun Ya’s “Studio Time”, and Hypercomics “Slut And The Beast” available now!
    Lastly, you guessed it, more poses! “Pose Pack 1 For The S’erpatha Jumper” by DeepSpace3D is here! Let your Sci-Fi flag fly high!
    There you have it!  A whole whack of new poses and some good ol’ reading  material. Enjoy!