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    TruMesh Bikni

    3/21/2018 9:15:41 PM by causam

    A true mesh garment that allows a little air through.

    farconville, Ambrosia3d, SynfulMindz, disordercode, Chaosophia, DeepSpace3D, and Freeone!!

    3/19/2018 9:43:26 PM by FunFungi

    Good evening all 3D fanatics and more! We have more of those great new products you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s get right to it. Check it out…
    We have a couple new awesome pose sets by farconville! Get your Michael 8 lovers together with “Yours For Michael 8” and “XXX For Michael 8”!
    Ambrosia3d is also here with more for Genesis 3 Female! “Body Harness” is ready to be strapped on!
    What would our lives be like without SynfulMindz? We have “Lotus Suit G3F” ready for your favorite character and on a sale price!
    “Fight Poses For Michael 8 and Victoria 8” by disordercode is available now! Get 14 interacting poses for M8 and V8 today!
    Chaosophia has some new body morphs for Genesis 3 Female! “Even Sexier Shapes G3F” is new and does not disappoint!
    Get this set of 10 realistic blowjob morphs for Genesis 8 Female by DeepSpace3D! “OH! Vicky For Genesis 8” is the name and different mouth shapes is the game!
    Freeone’s new “Dreadful Poses For Davo Dreadworks 5 Core Pack Daz Studio 4.8+” is also here! Don’t sit on it and go for it!

    powerage, Ostwind, Thunder-3D, SkatingJesus, Gonzo Studios, and Sledgehammer!

    3/16/2018 9:55:52 PM by FunFungi

    And we’re at it again folks! That’s right, we have a whole bunch of new products ready to tickle your 3D fancy! Check it out…
    First up, we have a great new pose pack for your favorite characters! Check out powerage’s “People Group System – Pack 02 Gang Bang For G8F/G8M”!
    Ostwind is also here with more poses for your solo female! “Simple Poses 18” comes with 60 erotic poses for Genesis 3 and 8 Female.
    We have TWO new ones from Thunder-3D! “Inspiration Poses G8 – Doggy Volume I” and “Inspiration Posers G8 – Cowgirl Volume I” are available now for Genesis 8 Female and Male!
    We also have a couple new ones for you heavy readers! We have “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 12” by SkatingJesus and, something a little spooky by Gonzo Studios “Them – Episode 03”!
    Lastly, get even MORE poses by Sledgehammer. Grab “Wet Dreams For G8 Couple” today! 

    babbelbub, disordercode, battlestrength, Chaosophia, Layla, CrazySky3D, and Chocolate!!

    3/14/2018 8:47:57 PM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday but if you’re not it’s about to get a whole lot better! We have some great new items now available so, check it out…
    Babbelbub is back at it with their great characters! Get “The Little Pervert For Genesis 3 Male” today!
    “Attack Of The Orcs” by disordercode is also here! You get 22 interacting poses for Orc HD for Genesis 8 Male and TW Ktarya for Genesis 8 Female!
    We have some new 3D Erotica out too! Check out battlestrength’s “Knightwatch – Issue 2”!
    Chaosophia is also back with some great new poses for your favorite couple! “Show Me Your Poses For Genesis 8 Female” comes with 28 seductive poses!
    “Director’s Cut Poses – Standing G8” by Layla is not only jam packed with great poses for your G8 figures, but it’s also on sale for a limited time!
    Time to get things turning! Why not use “Bondage Wheel” by CrazySky3D! Also on sale for a short time! Ready for Genesis 3 Female and Male!
    Lastly, Chocolate has their new product “Tentacles Hole 2 For Daz Studio” available now!

    DaYin, SynfulMindz, choppski, BDDesign, SF-Design, Layla, and battlestrength!!

    3/13/2018 1:00:56 AM by FunFungi

    We’re back on a Monday! Welcome to another update on what’s new in the shop! What kind of wild items will you choose next? Check it out…
    We’re starting things off today with a beautiful new Asian character by DaYin! Get “Nguyen For G8F” today! On sale for a limited time.
    SynfulMindz is also back with “Savage Skirt G3F (dForce)”! This sexy skirt will make Genesis 3 Female feel free and breezy!
    We have a couple new 3D Erotica options for you as well! Dive into the world of choppski’s FREE comic “The Sub’s Nub” and battlestrength’s “The Ark Collection Issue 38”!
    Moving along BDDesign is here with “Medical Gag For G3F/G8F”! Whether you need it as a restraint or just need it for a check up, it’s available now!
    Don’t forget to also check out “Sport Tops Add On For OOT Intimates G8M” by SF-Design! Switch up your wardrobe options today!
    Lastly, we have some new poses by Layla! “Director’s Cut Poses – Standing G3” is on sale for a limited time and ready for Genesis 3 Female and Male!

    Birthday SALE!

    3/10/2018 1:16:59 AM by Chaosophia

    Today I am 37. So to start off this party 37% off my whole store!

    farconville, DubTH, DeepSpace3D, BDDesign, Thunder-3D, and battlestrength!!

    3/9/2018 6:05:52 PM by FunFungi

    Hello! Hooray! We’ve made it to Friday and you know we have all those saucy items just waiting to be explored! What’s new you ask? Check it out…
    We have a brand new one from farconville titled “Willy Wanker For Michael 8”! This comes with 12 poses for M8 and hours of fun!
    Next up, we also have DubTH’s new one “Tavern Bedroom: Raven”. This is a medieval bedroom with some partly rigged furniture for your characters!
    DeepSpace3D is back with some erotic expressions. “Mmm! Vicky 8” is here with realistic facial expressions for your Genesis 8 Character!
    Don’t forget to also check out “Bimbofication For G3F-G8F”! Get these morphs to apply common plastic surgery outcomes!
    Thunder-3D is back with 2 brand new pose sets for Genesis 8 Female and Male! “Inspiration Poses G8 – Reverse Cowgirl Volume I” and “Inspiration Poses G8 – Side From Behind Volume I” is available now!
    Lastly, dive through that fantasy pages of battlestrength’s “The Lost Realm – Issue 9”!

    powerage, Kawecki, Ambrosia3d, Mantikor, sumigo, Stimuli, and Richabri!!

    3/7/2018 12:59:55 AM by FunFungi

    And we’re at it again! That’s right folks we have more of that 3D stuff you love so much! So let’s get right to it. Check it out…
    Powerage is starting things off for us today! “Shameless Dress For G3F” is elegant in all the right places!
    We also have a little gift from Kawecki! Get your hands on their new FREE product titled “Nails Bed”! Good for tricks and good for torture!
    Ambrosia3d is also back with “Chastity Suit”! A Bondage suit to let people in or out on your own accord!
    We also have some 3D erotica! “Annabell’s Adventures, Episode 7, “7x3” (EN/DE)” is here and bilingual! Check out what kind of adventure Annabell gets into! Don’t forget to also check out sumigo’s “Unexpected Company”!
    Stimuli is here with another great looping pose set. This time feast your eyes on “Bridge For Genesis 3 Figures”!
    Last but not least, check out “Pontoon Boat” by Richabri! Sail the seas!

    Show Me Your Poses Now Available!

    3/5/2018 11:13:23 PM by Chaosophia

    I'm finally back, after 2 months of not being able to be on my pc.

    DaYin, SynfulMindz, SF-Design, Chocolate, Hibbli3D, Redrobot3D, and farconville!!

    3/5/2018 12:14:51 AM by FunFungi

    It sure was a fast weekend! To get you through your Monday blues we have a bunch of new products ready to rock your 3D rendering worlds! Check it out…
    We’re starting things off today with a brand new beautiful character for your Genesis 8 Females! “Yang For G8F” by DaYin is available now!
    SynfulMindz is also here with “Creative Salon DS”! These textures are lovely and ready to make any of your scenes absolutely stunning!
    If your Genesis 8 Males need some new styles for their swimwear, look no further! SF-Design is here with “Swim Wear Add On For OOT Intimates For G8M”!
    Chocolates back with more of that sci fi and fantasy action! Get your hands on “Tentacles Hole 2 For Poser” today!
    We also have some new 3D Erotica! Flip through the wonderful pages of “Knight Elayne – Demon Kingdom 3 Part 1” by Hibbli3D, and Redrobot3D’s “Full Body Workout Extra Sweaty Edition”!
    Lastly, what’s a week without farconville? “Vavavoom For Michael 8” comes with all those poses for your M8 characters!

    DubTH, DragiHadzitosic, powerage, CrazySky3D, Sledgehammer, and Sexy3DComics!!

    3/2/2018 9:14:50 PM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Friday! It’s been a busy week and we have a whole bunch of new products ready to complete your scenes and bring you joy! Check it out…
    First up, go for a swim with DubTH’s “Modern Pool”! This comes with all the props to add to this great swimming scene!
    DragiHadzitosic is also back with “Anal Pleasure Pose Pack 2”! This set comes with 20 female masturbation poses for Victoria 8!
    We have a big ol’ wet theme today! “SPLASH Complete Collection” by powerage is here in one big bundle. Save 30% with this pack!
    “Didlo Driller” by CrazySky3D is also here! Get all sorts of drilling options to get the job done. But that’s not all! They also have “Sybian + Kinky Bondage Machine 3”!
    The poses keep on coming! Sledgehammer is here with their new couple set “Nice Sofa You Have For G8 Couple”! Also on sale for a short time!
    We have a bit of reading material for you too! “Player One Eps 01/02” by Sexy3DComics is out now!

    2018 Valentines Day Contest Winners Announced...

    3/2/2018 1:36:34 PM by Teronsuke

    Well folks, Cupid has left the building,  another Valentines Day has come and gone, which also means another Valentines Day Render Contest has come and gone as well, and we are now ready to announce your winners!

    Sport Tops Add On For OOT Intimates G8M

    3/2/2018 1:24:07 AM by SF-Design

    A nice collection of sport themed materials for the tops of OOT Intimates for Genesis 8 Males. Beside the new materials you get several options, like trim or hem color settings, sheen settings and a color randomizer.

    Thunder-3D, DeepSpace3D, Solid, DB XXX, Layla, and SynfulMindz!!

    2/28/2018 8:34:03 PM by FunFungi

    Okay folks! We’ve made it to mid week so let’s round up what is new in the shop! There’s bound to be something to tickle everyone’s fancy so…Check it out…
    We’re starting things off strong today with Thunder-3D’s brand new pose set! “Inspiration Expressions G8 2” is the second edition to their collection. Don’t pass up on this one!
    Next up, we have even more poses. That’s right! “Passion For G8F And G8M – Hands, Knees, And” by DeepSpace3D is here!
    Solid is back with a bike that may not get you around town but it will definitely get you something! “Motivator For Exercise Bike” is available now and on sale for a limited time!
    DB XXX brings you “Home Workout”! This comes with 20 female dildo masturbation poses for Victoria 8!
    Layla’s also back with 2 brand spanking new products for your favorite couple! “Director’s Cut Poses – Missionary G8” and “Director’s Cut Poses Missionary G3” is available now!
    Lastly, get “Loftily Me G8F” by SynfulMindz! Tease your characters with this great new pose set!

    Thunder-3D, Paradox3D, X3Z, Layla, powerage, and TheWhiteViper!!

    2/26/2018 9:56:01 PM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone had a great and well rested weekend because we have some brand new products that will keep you entertained for hours! Check it out…
    First up, Thunder-3D is back with more for your Genesis 8 Characters. “Inspiration Expressions G8 1” will perfect your scenes!
    Of course, we also have some brand new 3D Erotica! Come check out Paradox3D’s “Vanilla Weekend”, X3Z’s “Elven Desires: Distress Signal”, and “Monopinups II” by TheWhiteViper!!
    The fun doesn’t stop there! “Director’s Cut Poses – Cowgirl G8” and “Director’s Cut Poses – Cowgirl G3” by Layal is available now! Get posing and at a sale price for a limited time.
    Lastly, be sure to get your hands on “Nipples Jewelry For G8F” by powerage! Why not add a little glam to your bodies?

    Swim Wear Add On For OOT Intimates For G8M

    2/24/2018 1:21:22 AM by SF-Design

    New styles and morphs for the tight boxers and swim pants!