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    LIE Blood And Wounds For Genesis 3 Males

    10/26/2016 3:47:00 PM by SFD

    Do you need some wounds, scars, scratches, cuts, bruises and blood for your Genesis 3 Male based Characters?

    Napped Expressions OUT NOW!

    10/26/2016 12:11:43 AM by Chaosophia

    Napped Expressions out now!

    Artist Spotlight Barbarian Babes

    10/25/2016 11:21:59 AM by Teronsuke

    We sat down with Renderotica Content Artist Barbarian Babes and asked:

    Q) Have you had any thoughts about making “larger” games for mass media?
    Absolutely.  It's a balancing act between making games our customers are hungry for and cranking them out fast enough to satisfy, but I have some fantastic ideas for larger games- such as Harem Keeper,
    where you run a harem, and Ninjazon Legends, a very in depth sexy ninja fighter RPG that goes way  beyond the original.

    Check out the full interview inside!

    10-28-16 FREE Artist Development Training Seminar LIVE!

    10/25/2016 9:12:28 AM by Teronsuke

    Join us on Friday October 28tht at 1:00 PM EST in our Multi Part LIVE event where we go from Sketch Concept for fully realized Product kit. CGbytes and Les Garner from Sixus 1 will take us from concept, sketching and compositing an idea and then moving through the steps to completed product We will also have "Hands On" sessions to be announced later in the series.

    Barbarianbabes, guhzcoituz, 3D Simon, CGbytes, newhere, Ambrosia3d, and will2power!!

    10/24/2016 11:18:54 AM by FunFungi

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! We’re back with more products ready for you to check out!
    Barbarianbabes has another great pose set ready for Victoria 4 characters! “Sex Wrestling 2” is back for another round of hot girl on girl action!
    “Illusion Girl G3F Body Shape” is another creation by guhzcoituz! Give Genesis 3 Female the curves and busty body she’s been waiting for.
    Ready for another fantastic fantasy series by 3D Simon? Good! Because “Elf Futanari Fun – Taylor’s Slimy Nightmare IV” is here!
    “ArtDev DarkVoid Exploration Unit Suit G3M” was the last creation from our live training events! If these interest you be sure to follow the links in the post to see when the next one is going on.
    Your Dragon Slayer needs to be moved around sometime. That’s why newhere just released “50 Poses For The Dragon Slayer”! Check it out!
    Another edition of Ambrosia3d’s awesome textures are available too! “Iray Texture Pack 11 For G3F Genitalia” will make your character complete!
    We’re going to finish this one off with some new leather cuffs by will2power! “Basic Cuffs For G3F” is here so grab yourself a pair!
    There you go! Enjoy these new products and we will see you all again soon!

    Finally: Part 2 of Observing Sin

    10/22/2016 4:14:01 PM by dsv4600

    Producing the conclusion to Observing Sin.

    CynderBlue, X3Z, babbelbub, Meipe, Chaosophia, 3DZen, and SkatingJesus!!

    10/21/2016 5:11:59 PM by FunFungi

    We’ve made it to Friday everyone! Now it’s time to take a look at what’s new in the shop! Don’t miss out on these heavy hitters…
    First up, we have a beautiful new clothing set by the great CynderBlue! “CG Exile Set G3F” comes in all sorts of textures and fits Genesis 3 Female like a glove!
    Are comics more your scene? GOOD! We have “Elven Desires: Undercover – Part 3” by X3Z available today!
    Babbelbub’s “Creampie LIE Presets For G3M” is also in stores. You get 27 LIE presets for Genesis 3 Males.
    Calling all Meipe fans because we have another new one that just so happens to be FREE! “Free Futalicious Add-On For Genesis 3 Female” is here!
    Lock your doors because “Napped 3 For G3F & G3M” by Chaosophia is available at a sale price for a limited time! 40 poses for this gruesome twosome!
    3DZen’s comic “Intolerance” is 75 pages of horror! Just in time for Halloween. Definitely one not to be passed up!
    Let’s end this off with a real banger! “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 7” by SkatinJesus is available now! This huge comic is 637 pages! That’s not a typo! Check it out.
    There you go! Hope this gets you through the weekend and see you Monday!

    guhzcoituz, Wandrer, newhere, Layla3D, Darkseal, Apocolypse 3DX, and The Dude!!

    10/19/2016 2:35:23 PM by FunFungi

    Hello again! Welcome back to another full post all about what’s new in store! I think you’ll enjoy these news ones…check it out…
    Look who’s first up! We have guhzcoituz back with “Illusion Girl Body Shape”, a fantastic character preset for Genesis 2 Female.
    Also available is Wandrer’s comic “Trade-In Part 7-9”! You save 24% off when you go for this bundle which features artwork by Sturkwurk.
    Newhere has a new pose set for their Soul Fighter figure. “50 Poses For Soul Fighter” is ready for use in Lightwave 3D! Let newhere do the posing for you!
    Layla3D is here with a new image series titled “Jizzabel’s Adventures”! 92 images available right here right now!
    “Paul’s Severed Head” by Darkseal is a rigged head with morphs to give your bodiless friend some expression! Ready for Pose and just in time for Halloween!
    Are you in need of new couple poses? Well hold on to your hats because Apocalypse 3DX has you covered with their new pose set “Insomnia: Volume 2 For M4/V4”!
    Lastly, we have a new comic by The Dude! “Lust Unleashed 3: Breanna’s Bounty” contains 100 high quality images for PDF. Check it out!
    There you have it! Take these new products in and come back for more soon!

    Napped 3 OUT NOW!

    10/18/2016 2:00:20 AM by Chaosophia

    Napped 3 Now Available!

    Great_Gonzo, Ace Pyx, choppski, Meipe, Ambrosia3d, PENDRAGON, and Darkseal!!

    10/17/2016 1:43:38 PM by FunFungi

    We have another great new collection of products available! From comics, to textures, to characters, we’ve got them! Check out below for what’s new…
    Welcome back Great_Gonzo with your new comic! “Black Takes White 01: The Wedding Present” is here with 102 pages ready for you to dive into!
    That’s not all! We also have “Briefs & Speedos” by Ace Pyx. Mix up those textures and try on something new for your briefs and speedos for Michael 4!
    “The Submissive” by choppski is also in the shop! You get the standard 80 page story but you ALSO get a 15 page bonus! Woo! Grab your copy today!
    If you’re looking for a little more for your G3M then Meipe’s “Dicktator For Genesis 3 Male” is right for you! On sale for a limited time!
    Ambrosia3d has a 10th texture pack to add to your collection! “Iray Texture Pack 10 For G3F Genitalia” will make your characters look and feel complete!
    We also have another great character by PENDRAGON! “Aqua Joe – Genesis 3 Male” is perfect for your sci-fi and fantasy renders! Also on sale for a limited time.
    Last but not least, Darkseal’s “SkinnyGirl” is here! A stand alone figure for all you Poser users! Check it out today!
    There you have it! That’s everything for today. Be sure to come back soon for more!

    Happy HELLOWEEN!

    10/16/2016 1:38:15 AM by Chaosophia

    15% off sale until the end of HELLOWEEN!

    Autumn 33 Sale

    10/15/2016 8:30:08 AM by SFD

    All products 33% off from now on for one week!

    2016 Halloween Contest 2 weeks left

    10/14/2016 2:53:53 PM by Teronsuke

    A haunting we will go....  Ghouls and Goblins,  time is quickly running out for our 2016 Halloween render contest!  you have just 2 more weeks to get your renders submitted to the contest...

    BobbyTally, SkatingJesus, will2power, Davo, and Freeone!

    10/14/2016 11:13:11 AM by FunFungi

    Friday Friday Friday! Another round up of new products are coming at you now! Check it out…
    The wait is over. The second chapter of BobbyTally’s comic is out now! “Queen Mayala Chapter II: The Training” is 128 pages of fantasy fun!
    Also following the comic trail, fan favorite SkatingJesus is here with “Andaroos Chronicles – Chapter 6”! This comic is jam packed, and I’m talking 549 pages of action!
    “Holstein Suit For G3F” by will2power is a brand new furry costume! Ready to go with Genesis 3 Female and is perfect timing for October!
    We have a huge release of brand new Davo products! These come with a whole bunch of new props with complimentary poses. Whether you use Poser or Daz Studio’s these are ready for you! Check out “Facility 1 Core Package For DazStudio 4.8+”, “Facility 1 Expansion Pack 1 For DazStudio 4.8+”, “Facility 1 Core Package Poser”, and of course “Facility 1 Expansion Pack 1”! Phewf! That is a lot!
    There you have it! Let these new products get you through your weekend! Check back soon for more!

    Lyno's Slavers & Slaves

    10/14/2016 7:06:05 AM by lynortis

    Lyno's Slavers & Slaves

    Hibbli3D, 3D Simon, SAS3D, Ambrosia3d, Barbarianbabes, and Centurion 3D!!

    10/12/2016 11:12:54 AM by FunFungi

    Here we go again! You guessed it! Let’s check out what’s new in store…
    Hibbli3D is back baby! They’re giving you more fantasy fun, but this time on the beach! Check out “Knight Elayne – Beach Day Part 1” today!
    “Nailing Ms. Lauren” by Simon 3D is also here! Ms. Lauren isn't the type to put up with shenanigans from any of her students! You’ll have to see what I mean by diving into this 51 page collection.
    Do those classic pumps need a little more color? Well SAS3D has just that with their new product “IT29 High Octane Pumps More Mats”!
    “Iray Texture Pack 9 For G3F Genitalia” by Ambrosia3D is also here. That’s right folks the 9th installment is here indeed!  
    Fan favorites, Barabarianbabes have a new pose set for Victoria 4 and of course for…Victoria 4! “Sex Wrestling” is V4 on V4 in a steamy hot sultry wrestling match where everybody wins...
    Centurion 3D is bringing us home with the last product today! “Ring Girl vs. The Junkyard Brawler Round 3” is ready now!
    There you go! Enjoy these new ones and please feel free to check back soon for more!