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    Sissyboy City

    9/24/2016 3:17:35 PM by lynortis

    Lyno's city of sissyboys

    Insane3D, Ambrosia3d, Layla, 3D Simon, PENDRAGON, and newhere!!

    9/23/2016 2:29:11 PM by FunFungi

    Friday! Friday! Friday! Do you know what day it is? Time to shed a little light on what’s new on store. Check it out!

    Insane3D is here with 3 new Post-Apocalyptic image collections! “Fallout Porn” is here at 15% off for a limited time!
    We also have another textures pack by Ambrosia!  That’s 5 and counting. “Iray Texture Pack 5 For G3F Genitalia”! Feel the power of the great IRAY RENDER and get wonderful images no matter how close you get them!
    What’s this? A couples pose pack by Layla? “Lesbian Love (G2 Edition)” is available now also at a fantastic sale price!
    Calling all 3D Simon fans! Get ready for some fantasy erotica with “Horny Goblins – Bundle #1”. 88 images right at your fingertips.
    We can’t get enough of PENDRAGON’s creatures. Another creature of the week is here as “Parasite – Genesis 3 Male” ready for Daz Studio and Genesis 3 Males!
    “Strong Woman” is on this list too! A new product for Lightwave 3D by newhere. This woman is strong and powerful and just what we need!
    There you have it! Hope these last you through the weekend and see you Monday!

    Renderotica Weekend Rally: Bad Barbee

    9/22/2016 12:46:02 PM by Teronsuke

    Poor Poor "Barbee" she's fallen on hard times, but let's see just how far she has fallen!

    Starting today until Monday Sep 26th show us your best "Bad Barbee" renders!

    WHAT is a "Bad Barbee Render" you ask?   Well that's simple and complicated all at the same time, "Barbee" is a classic and iconic toy (although spelled another way) and for years she's had almost every great job you could think of,  but now, for reasons only you know, life has knocked her down, and she's either working in the worst job a kids toy could have OR... you can just see her various other poor life choices.

    Race To Chaosophia 30% Storewide Sale NOW LIVE!

    9/22/2016 1:11:09 AM by Chaosophia

    Race to Chaosophia 30% off storewide sale!

    Hibbli3D, Ambrosia3d, Darkseal, PENDRAGON, newhere, X3Z, and 3feetwolf!!

    9/21/2016 8:40:24 AM by FunFungi

    Good morning and welcome to another addition of “What’s new in store?” Well let’s not waste any time and hop to it. Check out below for some details…
    After some time we can now see what Rinil is up to. Hibbli3D has their new comic “Priestess Rinil – Saints Or Sinners” available now. A 35 page image collection of fantasy fun!
    Ambrosia3d is also back with more fantastic textures for Genesis 3 Female genitalia. Feel the power of the great Iray Render with “Iray Texture Pack 4 For G3F Genitalia”!
    Looking to add a little more to your characters? “Beautiful Trap” by Darkseal is now available. Beautiful trap is all woman except for one thing, her penis.
    We ain’t slowing down there! PENDRAGON has another wild character for G3M! “Manrilla  - Genesis 3 Male” is big, hairy, and perfect for your sci-fi/ fantasy renders.
    Need a little something to protect yourself? Newhere has just the thing! “Weapons Pack” is a low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time applications.
    We have more fantasy images ready for you! This time by X3Z. “Elven Desires: Undercover – Part 2” contains 86 images of Lorelei. Check it out!
    Last but never the least, we have a new update by 3feetwolf! “New Gens For V7: Update For Star 2” is here and it’s everything you’ve been waiting for!
    That’s it for today! Happy hump day and see you Friday!

    Let's start again

    9/21/2016 5:01:16 AM by FantasyErotic

    I haven@t been very active during the last months... however now I decided to get back to the wonderful world of 3DX.
    In the moment I@m doing some experiments with V7 and some more new stuff.
    So, stay tuned and expect some sexy elves, fairies and hot chicks!

    Dickgirl City

    9/20/2016 5:05:03 AM by lynortis

    Lyno's city of dickgirls

    CGbytes, powerage, SynfulMindz, Freeone, CynderBlue, Layla, and SAS3D!!

    9/19/2016 11:28:36 AM by FunFungi

    Hey! We’re back! There have been so many new products this weekend that my head is spinning. Check out what’s new below…
    First up we had another exciting LIVE training event. CGbytes’ “ArtDev Lace Up Panel High Heels For G3F” is here and FREE for a limited time! These events are so great so check out the link to find out how you can be a part of them!
    “The Pyre For G3 Female” is also in stores. This product is created by powerage and contains everything you need for a real witch hunt!
    We also have another great pose set by SynfulMindz. “Devoted To You G3F” has 12 couple poses for your favorite ladies!
    Freeone is back with another huge product that will keep you entertained for hours! “Legacy Davo World Of Pichard Set 2” is here and boy do you get a lot! Also be sure to check out the first set if you haven’t yet.
    CynderBlue has a special new character for your Genesis 3 Females. “Madison G3F” is a beautiful hand sculpted custom character.
    “Lesbian Love Poses” by Layla is a great new pose set for your G3F lovers. Contains 30 poses and is on sale for a limited time!
    Lastly, “IT29 High Octane Pumps” by SAS3D is available now! Get those classic pumps that go with everything! Dress them up or dress them down!
    Well that’s it for today! Swing back soon for more exciting new products!

    Lyno's stuff

    9/17/2016 6:02:28 AM by lynortis

    Just a list of my stuff

    Renderotica 2016 Summer Sizzle Winners

    9/16/2016 12:42:34 PM by Teronsuke

    It's that time again folks!  the time you've all been waiting for!  WHO are your winners for Renderotica's 2016 Summer Sizzle Render Contest?

    It was all fun in the sun this year, and you all submitted some awesome renders!  and as usual it made for some pretty interesting judging!

    This year we wanted to do something a bit more "special" for our judges,  so we decided to fill a portion of their "Judging Pit" with beach sand and some sand toys!  (We can't understand why they were not as enthused about it as we were)  We even lowered a basket with great lotion down to them.......

    PENDRAGON, kadwyn, farconville, Ambrosia3d, powerage, Chaosophia, and Insane3D!!

    9/16/2016 10:00:16 AM by FunFungi

    Here we are again! But this time it’s even better. It’s Friday! So let’s check out what’s new in the shop. You will not be disappointed!
    If you feel the ground shaking it’s probably because a beast is in the house! PENDRAGON’s “Ragnaron For Genesis 3 Male” is here and boy will he complete those sci-fi/fantasy scenes you’ve been working on!
    Kadwyn is also back with a new futa image collection that is sure to get your blood boiling. “Secretary: Promotion” is here with 101 pages right at your fingertips!
    If it’s poses you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Especially since we have farconville’s “Master Bates M7”. A great new pose set for your M7 lovers.
    We have even more textures by Ambrosia3d! “Iray Texture Pack 3 For G3F Genitalia” is here and your new textures will match with all precision in your character and the precision will remain in any pose!
    We also have “Splash VOL4 For G3 Female” by powerage! You get 20 splash props for the face and inner mouth.
    Also in the pose section we have “Napped For G3F & G3M” by Chaosophia. Get this huge 40 pose set for our favorite couple!
    Lastly for today, be sure to check out “Big Boobs Beauties” by Insane3D! A huge set of image collections just waiting to be read. On sale for a limited time!
    There you have it! Hope everyone has a great weekend and be sure to check back soon!

    CGbytes Artist Development LIVE Training Seminar

    9/16/2016 12:40:04 AM by Teronsuke

    Join us LIVE on Sept 16th at 1pm EST on our YouTube Channel:
    Shoes. Shoes. SHOES! What girl doesn't like shoes?  Les Garner will walk us through modeling, rigging and texturing Shoes!


    9/15/2016 3:03:44 AM by Chaosophia

    40 kidnap poses for G3F & G3M (Click for story)

    3D Simon, Wandrer, Barbarianbabes, Naama, vyktohria, Xameva, and SF-Design!!

    9/14/2016 12:00:51 PM by FunFungi

    It’s mid-week and we know you have that hump day itch to scratch. We have just what you need so check out below what’s new in store!
    We have more 3D Simon and we love it! Get 56 pages of Duke Baldy in “Slutty Servants” today!
    Wandrer has also wandered back into town with what we’ve all been waiting for! “Trade-In Part 9” is continuing from the 8th issue! This one is the FINAL chapter! So check it out!
    Also in shop, we have “R&R” by Barbarianbabes! Another game, this time for those who like a little relaxation by the poolside.
    More comics on the list! Naama’s “Alchemist’s Apprentice Ep.2” is here with 51 pages of fantasy futa fun!
    Time for some new skinz…maybe some new “Sexy Skinz – Bare Necessities” by vyktohria! You get 9 geometry shells bare necessity outfits for Genesis 3 Female!
    Xameva’s “Orgasm Essentials – Ultimate Collection For V4” is the perfect pose set for your favorite couple. Also this is on sale for a limited time!
    Last but never the least, SF-Design is back with some expressions for your Mei Lin 7 character! “Mei Lin 7 Expressive” is here to stay! So check it out!
    There you have it! Enjoy your Wednesday and all of these new goodies that comes with it! Bye!

    Apocalypse 3DX, Chocolate, Fantasy Inc, Chaosophia, Xameva, Tchobiloute, and SF-Design!!

    9/12/2016 2:31:37 PM by FunFungi

    Hello! It’s Monday madness over here and we have even more products to send your way! Check it out…
    Our friend Apocalypse 3DX dropped by with some fantastic new poses for your Michael 4 and Victoria 4 couples. “Bend Over For M4/V4” gives you 15 couple poses ready to go!
    We have even more from Chocolate too! “Tentacle Eyeball” is here. Now you can keep your eye on your prey! Works with Tentacle Hole so check it out!
    Ready for something new by Fantasy Inc? Good! Because right now you can get your hands on “Fantasy VS Reality 01”, a 52 page fantasy comic!
    Let’s get back to some poses! You get 20 poses for Genesis 3 Female with “Show Off For G3F” by Chaosophia.
    Xameva’s “Orgasm Essentials – Ultimate Collection For G2” is also available! The perfect pose sets paired with skins overlays AND you even get comic book graphic bubbles! What a package!
    “Emily For Genesis 3 Female” by Tchobiloute is a beautiful new character for your lovely G3F. Lovely shapes with 6 eye colors, and a selection of nail and makeup colors!
    Don’t forget to also check out “Future Lights HDRI Iray Environments” by SF-Design! 40 different HDRI based lighting presets are ready now at a great sale price! But grab it while you can at this great deal!
    That’s it today! We hope you like these new ones and check back soon for more!

    Mei Lin 7 Expressive

    9/11/2016 5:26:50 PM by SFD

    Emotions from smiles and anger to sadness, insecureness and surprise!